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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The most honest three and a half minutes of television.

This can apply to any "democratic" country in the western world,even here in Canada. That is what is so sad about this, the lost of potential we once had. I was surprised by the statement "acted like men", it shows that even Hollywood has began to realize, one of the problem we have in our society is the imbalanced some have injected into everyday life.
When governments pander to the minority, not to make things better, but to get more votes for power, eventually, the imbalance they promoted comes home to roost.
The main problem of our everyday life is the lost of this generation, the ipod, ipad, the laptop, trying to keep up with the Jones and buying our kids a new one every 6 months. Remember what our parents told us, "you want one, work for it, there are shores to be done" and we learned to fend for ourself this way. Boys were boys, groomed to be men, girls were girls groomed to be women.
But because of the radical old hag feminists message, that men were born abusers, women were born victims, all this went down the drain.
According to them, back then was bad, we men abused all women, all women were victimised, but wait a second, no father ever wanted his daughters to be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, and no mother ever raised her sons to abuse they wives.
The old hag, the spinster, aka; the feminist, promoted the message of "men are all bad" for one reason only, to divide the family, make women feel victimised, divide half against the other and reap the financial benefits.
Their time and their venomous message is up, they are loosing support and  governments who continue to bow before them are also having problems.
The boys and girls of the next generation have begun to see each other in a brand new way, equals and they are doing it on their own, tell a girl today she is a permanent victim and she will laugh in your face. Pro life is becoming more powerful politically, the traditional family is beginning to say enough and this is a good thing, even for those who hate; a little at a time, maybe this world still has a chance.
No more drug abuse, teen pregnancy, teen crime, respect for parents and family, and mom and dad on the porch, with a tear in their eyes, proud to send their children into the world, knowing they have done the best they could and hope the kids will be able to handle what comes their way.

The traditional family is the only entity that can make a nation prosper and safe, not the state, not the bureaucracy, not the imposition of the few, and certainly not the spinster hags of old, now called...the feminist.

Change is coming, it is...inevitable...
Noticed our children do not fear the state, if the state does not notice, their power is no longer viable, if they do not accept the changing tides, they will fall, question is, what will come after.
We saw what happened in 1917 and 1933, let us hope, history does not repeat itself. The west is ripe for a takeover, it only needs someone at the right place at the right time.


Gilles said...

Exactly the way I see things. Excelent post.

Anonymous said...

That vid was just awesome!


The Native Canadian said...

ya, and as I said, if hollywood is starting to see the damages done by the old hags of feminism then their time is up.

Anonymous said...

The sooner the better


The Native Canadian said...


Allison said...

Love it, to the point isnt it

Karen said...

What the hell hapened, we had such potential.