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Monday, July 23, 2012

The importance of both parents in the family vs the single parent issue.

A father's love is just as important, if not more so, than a mother's
In this study, they say a father's love in the family is extremely important to the development of a child, I do not agree that it is more than the mother. What they fail to take into account is the balance of both in the family home. One without the other has a negative effect on children, unlike the hags(aka feminists)  definition of families, were women can do it without fathers, I do not subscibe to this ideal.
Having raised my daughter on my own, she was well on the path to a great future until the local hags (aka feminists), got their venomous mitts on her, they used teen rebellion against her and simply coached her, "dads are bad". (which she admitted to me lately), including the disgusting statement they made to her because I fought back, "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter this much"...We all know what these left overs of the human race meant by that one. (this statement was from the staff of the local women's shelter)
If the mother would have been around, my daughter's need for a woman role model would of prevented her from listening to the evil low lives from the local hag dominated social programs from brainwashing her in order to add her to their statistics to increase next years funding.
The other way around is also true, if there is no dad around, at a later date, the teen girl risk been lured away by the local tom cat, or any other male been seen as a potential role model.
When there is a parent missing, it puts kids in jeopardy to the predators out there, male or female, for their want of the missing parent.
Just like the interval house in Carleton place Ontario under erin lee todd, Ontario works under nancy green, the local hag infested  teen help organisation open doors, st-johns catholic school in perth Ontario under deanne strong did to me. All there policies supported by the regional directors office and her staff, who called me a "liar" when I asked for their help, josephine fuller.
Fuller is the nasty one, scroll down and see what organisation she has her mitts into...
All those I just named have predatory ideals by putting as many teens on welfare as possible, in order to increase their self worth, hence getting more funding, they promote by their action, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, crime, homelessness and lack of education.
I am not the only one they came after, my research shows, they have and are targeting...yes single parents, making an already difficult job even worse.
(And don't get me started on the child protection industry, they are even worse. (aka C.A.S.)
When I tried to unite my daughter with her half sister, we bought some xmass presents and the reaction I got from the hags at the Ottawa Ontario c.a.s.was...and read carefully, the parallels with what the shelter did above seems to be their favourite attacks on parents, especially fathers, "we are wondering what kind of man buys xmass presents for a little girl"..

These are the real predators, preying on a noticeable weakness in the family, and destroying anything good in order to get self satisfaction of importance, and funding from the government.
So you see, been a single parent, puts you and your child at a disadvantage, you will be preyed upon by all sides. It is better if not for the parents but also for the child to have both, if you want to see them achieve in life, which is every parents dream, and for you children to have a chance.

And since my hags read this blog, in the hopes I threaten them online, to put me away, to shut me up,
I would like to know what you think about my opinions on the traditional family needing both parents for a safe and productive future for the children.
Especially if your a single parent, can you see the predators I described above as a potential danger to the future of your children, and do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at been "attacked" from all sides, simply because your a single parent?


Allison said...

Totaly agree, kids need both parents, nothing against single parents but mom and dad should put the welfare of the kids before theirs. Been a single parent, u r targeted by c.a.s. and social programs, tthe more people under their grip the more money they get.

Karen said...

This time "I" agree with Allison, lol. Been a single parent you and your kids are the target. Sad.

Allison said...

LOL @ Karen, its about time girl. Didnt you know, I am always right.

Karen said...


Marie said...

Talking from personaly experiences in the local programs, you forgot the teen help lines, God forbid your a single parent with a teen, they thive on keeping you around, never, never go to open doors in smiths falls, you will loose as a parent, they are useless there.
I agree with your assessment on the single parent issue. Your a single parent your targeted, and both parents are a plus for kids.

John said...

Also agree, both parents is a good thing for kids and yes your single your screwed if they notice you.

Gilles said...