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Monday, July 30, 2012

Racist feminism and Predatory feminist behaviour.

Racist feminism

This is what the hags aka; feminism has become, give uncontrolled power to any group without anyone allowed to criticize them and they will become corrupt, useless and they will do anything they want. How high does it go, even a government minister was involved. In this case, racism, if done by the hags aka; feminists is allowed and funny????

Predatory feminism
Predatory: Living by or given to exploiting or destroying others for one's own gain.

When I asked for help, from those who could of made a difference, inside the social programs, the very women who, for 16 years told me I was a great father, were nowhere to be found, ignored me, and let old hateful man less hags destroy the future of my daughter and many other girls. I guided her to a promising future, but I did not realize until it was to late, how hateful towards parents, especially fathers these hags were.

They brainwashed her, told her "there is something wrong with a father who loves his daughter this much", (disgusting old hags, we all know what they meant by that one), lied and coached her to say I abused her in order to put her on welfare, and add her to their statistics for the next years funding, and when they were done, they threw her to the wolves, without a care in the world that she was not ready to be on her own. No education, no college, which she had a scholarship and a job offer from a modeling agency.

So, any feminist supporters who want to comment, make sure before you criticize, you inform yourself, According to them, the problem was a father raising a girl and they would do anything to destroy this relationship, even a little underage girl's future.

Men's right movement is not about us, that is the mistake you make when you listen to hateful hags, it is about our children.
Mothers and fathers are sick of the state's organisations, like schools, social programs, stealing our children, we are sick of teen pregnancy, drug abuse and an uneducated generation, were only the affluent get to send their kids to college.

It is not our daughters, our women or women's rights we are against, it is an evil organisation who believe they answer to no one and in the process, make you believe you are a "victim" for life.
Again, as per what they did to my daughter, simply because she was raised by her father, do you support what they did? And does this not destroy what women's rights is all about, the advancement of our daughters.
Do you really believe, any father wants his daughters to be in servitude to their husbands the way hags promote? To those who do,  blind following is the path to corruption, the way we have now.
They have predatory policies, they target vulnerable women, and teen girls, and they do it for money.

Supporters of local anti family corruption, i.e, feminists in the local police, read and print this blog, in the hope that I threaten someone, so they can put me away, to them I say...never going to happen, I am a man, a father, I do not threaten women, just like the majority of the male population, I am also a native man, our society is based on matriarchy, women come first. Ironic isn't it.

I do say this, they started this, they went after my family, and come hell or high water, I will destroy their little seat of self adoration of power, no one is allowed to destroy loving families for personal benefit.


Anonymous said...

Good one bro'. Crazy isnt it, we protect those who make us out to be bad guys, watched the video, I just want to c how many crazy feminist will actually condem this.
The way we are told on the rez, the clan mothers always told everyone, u wanna be respected behave the way you should, be a woman, be a man, remember your place in the circle. All r different, but all are important. Dont give up, ur baby girl will return someday.


Marie said...

thats why I home school my kids and keep them away, to many fools think they can do whatever they want. Ur totally right, racists and predators, thats why feminism has become.

Allison said...

So true after seeing the video i would say it smells of racism and as for the predator part, we all know they are, its all about money and the price is our kids.

Anonymous said...

Feminist means having equality with men and of course being female. It means not being owned by men.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:12 PM

Feminism means complete and utter domination of men in all aspect's of society from healthcare to education to choice on child birth where men have absolutely no say.

No d.v. shelter's for men escaping d.v..

Equality me ass.

When did men ever own a woman?

Another feminist-delusioned hag.


Anonymous said...

@ 2:12 PM

What about the male feminist's?

Here are some example's of your equality yhat you DON"T seem to fight for

Equal treatment in divorce and custody issues(everyone knows men get the raw end of the deal over 90% of the time)
Automatic 50/50 custody-(no more fighting over the children)
Equal funding for men's health issues (ie prostate cancer)
Equal treatment in the workplace (no affirmative action, protection from false
sexual harrassment claims)
Equal treatment in law (protection from false allegations, family court,equitable sentences as women)
Equal treatment in schools (Boys are behind and dropping out in all metrics)
Equal treatment at home (false claims of DV and male victims of DV are not
taken seriously)
Male suicides are six times higher than women suicides
male on male rape now constitutes the majority of rape in America(no rape centers for men)
Equal treatment for male victims of violence (there are no male DV shelters)
Recogniton in work place deaths and injuries(men have the most dangerous jobs)
It is mostly men that suffer homelessness
How about a say in abortion? should father's who don't want a child be left with no choice and a lifetime of servitude?-she has all the choices,why not let him have one?
Why should there not be an option,such as a paper abortion that he can sign and walk away?
How about stopping falsely accused men of rape from having their name and picture published before they are guilty of anything?(his life is over instantly)

The status of women primarily influenced billion dollar gun registry that should have never happened if there were a status of men representing men-not all men are marc lepine's waiting in the shadow's and with no opposition to the status of women(feminists) myths about men-the government passed this,"feel good", law-which does nothing to curb domestic violence or protect women what so ever.
It did how-ever promote misandry and villainize any man that hunts or shoots for sport, by claiming every man,not some men,ALL men in Canada are as crazy as lepine.

I know everyone that has asked about a battered men's shelter have been told that men can do it themself, do you know that any battered men's shelter has been denied and banned from claiming charitable status?
Well maybe women can do it themselves without government funding-equality right?

Eight hundred million $$$ for women only,not a dime for men?
Even if there are more female victim's of d.v. is that really any excuse to deny men who are abuse victim's of an intimate partner the same exact resources and funding? Why are abused men blatantly denied any help?
Think about that for a second.
- so much for equality.


Rob said...

@ Anon 2:12 PM August 1

Feminism IS sexism - plain and simple

The Native Canadian said...

I am amazed we still have uninformed women out there who still buy into the hags propaganda without looking or "reading" what they really represent, in what they say is womens opinions, I agrere with outdoors, WHEN THE HELL DID THE "MAJORITY" OF MEN EVER OWNED WOMEN???? We have daughters, do any of u supporters of the hags, aka feminists, beleive we want them to be "owned" by men????
Do u raise ur sons when ur man is at work, to be abusers? that is what these hags are saying....
wake the fu#$% up. they are even going after you if you want to be a house wife out of your own choice.

Anonymous said...

Feminist's just want everyone to be as miserable as they are.


The Native Canadian said...

so true.