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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Political parties, they do things differently but the results are the same...Pain.

I had a visit from Christians today, we had a talk about the way things are in the world, I noticed their answers is always,  the bible prophecy of the Creator coming back and making the world a better place and getting rid of greed and pain.
So, I got a little frustrated at their views, that sitting there and waiting is all we can do. I do not believe this, my opinion is, the more we wait, the more greed entrenches itself, and the more life gets bad.
I explained my opinions on my experiences, politically, parties are different but the end results are always the same, people waiting and hoping things will change on their own or by the action of others.

Take Ontario for instance, liberals, ndp, and conservatives. I got so angry at the local social programs destroying my family, that I looked at the policies of these parties. I joined and got involved with one, and I got nowhere. I did get the usual, "what they did is bad and when we get in power we will change things", but a local mpp is more interested in changing pit bull laws and propriety rights than protecting the rights of the family. What good is property rights if our kids are on welfare? Property exists to pass down to our children so they can have a better life, but if they are dependant on the system, the property is lost and becomes only a tool to pay more taxes and when we pass on, all our work is given back to, not our kids, but governments.
I realize  they were telling me what I wanted to hear and why I got letter every week asking for political donations.

Politics in Ontario works this way; a center left government increases welfare roles, makes families dependant, increases the dept and deficit, resulting in more teens drug abuse, teen pregnancy, lack of education, higher taxes, destroyed families and things get worse and worse as time goes on...You get babies pushing baby strollers, and no one has the courage to say, we will help you but you have to stop making kids as long as your on welfare. Instead, they pass on the message, the more kids you have the bigger the check.

So one would think the other side would be better, but no. When they come to power, they have to cut benefits, health care, education, take drastic action in order to undo the previous administrations mess. The ones that suffer are the elderly, the disabled, the sick, school children, so on.
And when they are replaced, the cycle begins again.

So the results are always the same, pain, instead of protecting what is the backbone of any nation, the family, making decisions that would benefit long term, instead only short term is the norm.

Waiting for the Creator to come and fix things is not the way to do things, we have free will, the power to say "NO", sitting around "bitching" about how things are bad is also not the way, it only empowers the corrupt to continue.
And do not depend on the media, as a politician once told me, the problem with today's media is they get a lot of business from governments, so they do not bite the hand that feeds them. Even the media, which at one time were the protectors of the people in the western world have been made so dependant, that they too lost their way.

As I kept on investigating what was going on, I found that many parents are enraged at the way things are, the things they did to me, was not a one time affair but a policy of an unelected bureaucracy, lobbying power, inflated salaries, union power, the more people are dependant, the more power.

It is incredible how the population has been pushed so far down the food chain, disempowered, that we believe there is nothing we can do about it but vote. And when we do vote, we find out we are in the same place we were a year before. Different but the same results, more pain.

If we keep on waiting, hoping, then it is "our" fault we are loosing our children, our fault the elderly have to choose between food or medicine, the disabled never having enough money to have the basics of life, uneducated youths. There is no one we can blame but ourselves, because we are the majority and we could change things overnight if we only said "enough".


Anonymous said...

Thats the whole problem,everyone knows,yet only a few have the gut's to say,"enough".

The rest are just sheep being lead to the slaughterhouse with-out so much as a baaa.


The Native Canadian said...

got that right..in the meantime they just sit there as our society breaks down..

Runingwolf said...

Thats why we do not vote on the rez, promises promises, one to the other and its always the same, nothing comes of it.
Love your site bro'. Tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

@ The Native canadian.

When I talked to a couple of people about this,they told me it was too depressing and didn't want to be bothered.

To me,I find it depressing that they didn`t want to be bothered.


The Native Canadian said...

Exactly, until they come for them, by that time who will be left to help.