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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Maple Spring: 'Canada vs totalitarian govt crackdown' On russia today?

As a Canadian, proud of the peacekeeper past, our former reputation as a tolerant society, this is...disturbing.
How do we explain this?
How could this happen?
After listening to this video, and the Quebec government contracts given to, shall we say, unscrupulous people, no wonder the students are pissed.
But what disturbs me the most, is seeing this on RUSSIA TODAY....
In 1993, we elected the liberals, under Jean Chretien, this governemnt said, "we have to take action", and together we fixed the nation and the rest is history.
What we need is another statement such as this.
We are on the edge of another economic meltdown, but this time, there is no more money for bailouts.


Anonymous said...

It's gonna get worse.


BlackWolf said...