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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life in lanark county, corrupt anti parent policies.

In lanark county Ontario, children are targeted by schools for indoctrination against parents, social programs entice teens to leave home to increase their work force, women's shelter turn teen girls against good fathers by demonizing them with false accusations, and coach wives to claim abuse for custody purposes, and if a parent dares to fight back, some in the local police force will threaten them.This policy has promoted drug abuse, crime, alcoholism, disrespect for parents, homelessness, and a lost generation. At my age, I had other dreams, than to be treated like an animal, of be demonized unfairly by some old hags (aka feminists) who have inferiority complexes, but so be it, one thing I will never accept is to be a ...victim. My freedom is not given to me by the few, but by the Creator. And I take freedom extremely seriously, if we do not, our children will suffer.
Live free or die with nothing...


Anonymous said...

All I can say is "ditto" for Dryden Ontario.


The Native Canadian said...

ya, what bothers me is they actually think this will continue, that there is nothing nobody can do about it...the more they push, steal, kidnap, brainwash our kids the more will fight back.