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Friday, July 27, 2012

Feminists, old hags with a chip on their shoulders

Marissa Mayer: Distance from "Feminism"
There are many instances of women who do not endorse the hags views that all girls are born victims and all boys are born abusers.
What is insulting to moms and dads is the venomous messages hags try to pass on that we raise victims and abusers. Name me one mother who raises her son to abuse his wife, or a father who tells his daughter to serve her husband.
The first thing a father teaches his son is to respect girls, this has always been the primary lesson we give our boys, so were the hell did this message, the hags have been pushing, come from.
And what about mothers, they do not raise their daughters to be in servitude to their husbands, but to be girls first and to be strong. True times change, but the same lessons are given to our children since the beginning of time, we look at the surroundings and prepare our kids to live a good and safe life in the world that is in front of us at the time.

The  hags (aka feminists) are loosing the public because of their message, now a days, they target schools, try to change the lessons parents and families teach kids and the results is confusion and in some cases suicide because teens do not know were they fit in. All because twisted old haters want the world to be as miserable as they are.

Where I live the local hags (social programs and woman's shelter) have targeted schools, hence we have such a problem with drugs and uneducated teens, that welfare has become a job in itself, how to get it and how much to get.
Correct me if I am wrong but that is not the message parents give their children so were do they get it????Schools.

Look at a feminist today, homely looking, and something that would scare one in the dark, you can see the hate on their faces. Luckily, the teens of today are starting to consider them useless.

I was watching TV and saw a commercial from some feminist organisation, Canadian women foundation.

They are pushing that 1 in 2 girls suffer sexual abuse. I am sorry I have girls and women in my family, daughters and granddaughters, according to them some of which should have suffered abuse. Which is nothing more than bullshit and false commercial to demonize fathers and parents. Come on, look at your family, 1 in 2??? Of course, when you discipline you kids, ground them, force them to go to school or eat right, according to them, this is abuse and falsely put this on these statistics. Like i said...bullshit, disgusting self promoting for more funding, that's all it is.
Let's look at what they are saying, canadian population, 34.5 million, half females, 17.25 million, half of those 8.6 million, physically and sexually abused? 8.6 million of our girls are abused in Canada....??? A year???? Canada must be one of the worse countries in the world according to them.
Just for the sake of argument, your teen daughter went to a party you told her not to, according  to them that's abuse, she came home smelling of pot and alcohol, you grounded her, that's abuse, she skipped school and you raised you voice saying, "EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR FUTURE", don't do that again and you grounded her, that's abuse, and that is put on their statistics. If you would follow their rules, none of our daughters would be educated, well mannered, or responsible for their future, because we as parents abuse 1 in 2 of our daughters. (according to them)
Make sense to you?
That is what is so stupid about all this, the exaggeration to promote victimisation of girls, they are so hard up to prove their importance in society that they will "invent" false statistics.
The ones behind this organisation is women's shelter, dividers of families, predatory policies towards teen girls, and promoters of teen pregnancy, drug abuse and an uneducated generation, they target any girl who is rebellious toward her parents, tell her what she wants to hear, "coach" her to say "abuse", put her on welfare, throw her to the wolves and put her on their statistic for next years funding.

Our daughter's rights are "our" responsibility, not some old self hating hags.


Anyong said...

Get yourself a few copies of works written by and about Nellie McClung and perhaps you will learn a little about what Feminism really is. Feminism gave you the vote.

Anonymous said...

Men gave feminist's the vote.

It was men that fought in a world war to earn their right to vote while women stood at the back and handed out white feather's to shame any man they felt should run into a machine gun for them in the name of chivalry.

These same women should have been handed red feather's and shamed into being nurses and helper's in the army hospital's.

Instead,these women bitched, whined and stomped their feet about equal rights and the vote behind the lines while men died for them.

How does the spreading of misandry have anything to do with equality?



Anonymous said...

What a bunch of rot. If Feminist hadn't fought for the right to vote we still wouldn't have it if it were left up to mem....you are an idot.

Zorro said...

Women don't deserve the vote. They're too stupid to use it correctly, anyway. All they vote for is a bigger slice of the pie they don't contribute to.

Anonymous said...

You fought for the right to vote?

Which war?

Men only had the vote for ten years before women,yet you feminist hag's have propagandized that this was the greatest tragedy of all time against women.

Women only vote for what benefit's them,not whats best for society in general.

Damn,your vote can even be predicted by the time of your cycle.


Anonymous said...

Another thing or two.

The vote issue has been dead now for how many years?

And you are still crying and stomping your feet like it was yesterday.

Typical feminist behavior with the automatic name-calling and tantrum to get your way.

No wonder everyone bows down to you hag's,no one wants to listen to your non-stop bitching and complaining.

Maybe a nice empowering
"slut-walk" will make you feel better.

You and your feminist ilk have destroyed families and society.


Anonymous said...

well said outdoors, more and more of us have the same opinion.


Anonymous said...

Just the fact that this person had to bring a battle from as far back as the "vote" sure does say a lot.

I seriously hope this person looks at the following vid just to see what is and what isn't a war.

The War On Women



Anonymous said...

Typical feminist,run and hide when faced with truth.


The Native Canadian said...

so true...what do you call those who go on sites and try to attack only, web trolls...They do not debate, they can't. They can only attack, they cant defend their actions. The word feminist has become synonymous with the word hags, from men and now todays real women. How can anyone defend those whose sole purpose in life is to destroy familes.

The Native Canadian said...

As for u hags, I usually delete pro feminist comments, but for this time I say this, realize that men, were the power of the time, we gave you the vote because we thought that not recognizing our wives, dauthers and mothers as persons was wrong, feminism at the time was a small but vocal minority of women, just like today, the very idea that we kept you in the kitchen was not the majority view of men, even before the vote, any man who was abusing a woman was seen as a cowardly act. So do your homework if you want to comment, and stop the propaganda. Doesnt work anymore. Look at what the hags u support do to teen girls and women, they say ur a victim for life, is that what you think? If u beleive ur a victim, u will act as one. That is the true legacy of feminism, to make u weak. we build nations together, men and women inside the circle, different but at each others side, as for me, and other men, those who consider themselves victims for life are weak and could not care and defend children. thats why ur always alone and scorned.

Runingwolf said...

could not of said it better myself brother.

Anonymous said...

Canadian Native,you should never delete a feminist comment.

Their ignorance and stupidity shines every time one opens their mouth.

People need to see how twisted and delusional these hag's are.


BlackWolf said...

i know, but some comments are not worth publishing...but your right it does expose what they really are.