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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fake rape victims a danger to society

Thought this report is from India, the same thing is happening here in north America.
As my previous posts points out, "coaching" my own daughter against me, was a big mistake on their part. They believed I would just lay down and accept, instead I exposed what they did.
Their criminal behaviour, and that is what it is, (it is against the charter and the criminal code to "coach" someone to make false accusations), is so rampant in our society, including false rape charges, it will makes people doubt when there is a real case.

Let's not make any bones about it, those behind this epidemic are the hags of feminism, since they control the social programs, and have such a say behind the curtain of the justice system, the only reason they do this, is to promote their self worth and financial benefits at the expense of....the real victim.
They do not care about justice, only their twisted ideals and monetary gains.
Any woman who goes to a shelter can make an accusation against her husband, instantly get custody of the kids, dad has to see his kids under supervision, (see picture below) with no investigation to see if it is true or not, they say this policy is in place to protect the woman and children.
I say this policy is in place to promote financial benefit, increase funding through false accusation and control the women and children in these horror houses.
False accusers and real ones are put in the same statistics and sent to the governments for funding.
This policy puts in danger those who do need help, because the money is spent on those who use this to get custody of the children against fathers.

And that is what is so sad about this, some victims has to go through hardships because there is now...doubt. So many false accusation, and the media, instead of exposing it, are silent. Who suffers, the true victim and the falsely accused. 99.999% of the time....MEN, FATHERS.
And let's not forget...children.


Anonymous said...

These people think of one thing and one thing only,destroy the family unit at all cost's.(for profit)

The drug infested women's shelter's are not safe for children and legitimate abuse victim's.

Dryden's women's shelter had a drug addict commit suicide and arson a couple of year's ago.

The children were lucky to escape.

Thank goodness their were fire"men" who were able to save everyone but the addict.


The Native Canadian said...

Incredible. Shelters now a days are more interested in increasing their funding, but spend money to get more and more people through their doors, in the meantime the money they do spend on blotted salaries and travels could be spent to weed out the dangerous and the false accusers, and help the real victim. If staff were really "experienced" and not man haters, they might of seen this drug addict needed help.My guess is they simply stuck her in a room and told her to be quiet, their inexperience in seeing a problem put the kids in this shelter in danger. These shelters have now become the little toy of the man haters, and a horror house for women and children. All for more money.

Karen said...

I have a question? What or who pushed this drug addict to set fire to this shelter in dryden. Usually women and children are locked in these places, lock a drug addict, ignore her problem, and this will happen. That is the inexperiences of shelters staff, they have one goal, get more money, forget those who need help.
Love ur site, keep it up.

Allison said...

I agree with Karen, inexperience and the hunger for more money. They overpopulate these places to get as much money as possible and over 50% of women that go to a shelter go back home when the agument with their men dies down. If they would have more experience they would be able to tell who is using the shelter for the wrong reason, and who needs help.