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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can people be hypnotically programmed to kill?

The best kept secret

In the 60s, there was a wave of political assassinations by "lone nuts" such as the country has never been seen before.

Then the "lone nuts" branched out to schools and other public places.

Same pattern every time:

1. Always acting "alone" and with no known social network

2. Vague if not non-existent motivation

3. Before the shooting, they floated around for months with no visible means of support

4. Without any known training, they're often extremely well trained in combat shooting (ex. quick loading of fresh magazines under high stress conditions)

5. They have nothing to say after committing their crimes.

Now, have you seen the batman shooter while he was in court?
He was so drugged he had no idea who he was, where he was or what he was doing there.

Here is another strange thing about James Holmes circulating on the web...

Taking conspiracy theory aside, if this is true, not only is this scary as hell but a society with this type of policy, is doomed to failure. If the state has to resort to such policies to survive, then it is already a failed state.
If this is true, this type of policy would show that the few who hold power, considers the population as a product to serve their interest.
Those who considers themselves above the population, have been using the people as a product for a while, my examples of social programs manipulating our kids to turn on parents for increase funding and political power, and schools indoctrinating children at an early age to depend on the state and it social organisation instead of family, so why not go a step further if this works? 
That is not freedom, nor is it...democracy.
To me it would be an evil which has found its way into our society,
and therefore, we are all in deep shit. (pardon my french)


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Anonymous said...

who knows anymore what governments do behind closed doors, they call it national security when they have something to hide. We need a new form of society. We have to change things, the people. Sitting there complaining about it, the way people do today is just giving them more time to take things that does not belong to them. And do things they should not.

Anonymous said...

These shooting sprees happen so conveniently with respect to proposed gun restrictions, that I can't help but believe that the Marxists have found some way of making them happen on command.

Gun control was DEAD in the USA. The UN arms treaty was politically resisted and headed for defeat, domestic gun controls were thwarted by a Supreme Court decision, and electorally, the issue was such dynamite that even hardcore liberals had backed off, if only out of pragmatism.

And the Fast and Furious scandal, still unravelling,is PROOF that the US govt intentionally armed the drug gangs, in order to fabricate an excuse for gun controls. Yes, the gov't of the USSA so hates the law abiding gun owner, that they are willing to MURDER innocent Mexicans and even a US border patrol agent, in order to create an excuse to get rid of us. And soon all will know this.

So... yeah.. gun control was doomed. They needed an Aurora massacre, and they got one, with such absolutely perfect timing that it just HAD TO BE PLANNED.

Gotta wonder what they're planning to do to us, that they're so desperate to get our guns. Something so awful that they expect armed revolt, that's for sure.