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Thursday, July 5, 2012

An honest opinion on the police in Ontario.

I can't speak for all the jurisdictions, everywhere, but I can speak on what happened to me, where I live.
I found those willing to threaten me, were more numerous than those who offered to help. And that is scary in a free society, were corporations, social programs, individual power is protected at the expense of the citizen or in my case, the parents, the family, the child.

I can't lower all of them in that description, the few that did help, took the time to listen, look, investigate and come to a conclusion, this was wrong.
Even thought by the action of so many, I still lost my daughter, those who did try to help, made a difference in the way I though of them as a whole.

I realized another thing, a few that were understanding were older, but the majority that wanted to help and follow the letter of the law, were...rookies.

The thing is, as they are indoctrinated into the brotherhood, how long until we loose some of the rookies to the behaviour of those around them, that they see so much evil actions out there, they believe we are all the same.
Eventually with the help of those who lost their way, they will be turned to the idea that the population must be controlled, told how to behave, and take the side of corporations, social programs(in my case), and the greed, corruption, we are now experiencing.

There was a time, we could depend on them to help out, when I went through the nightmare I did, I really expected them to help me out, against those who were using my children to benefit themselves, I have to admit, it caught me by surprise, when they treated me as if I was the criminal in order to protect the local social programs.

It made a bad situation even worse, and found myself fighting on two fronts.
And still to this day, I ask, "who can I trust to help".

This is the way I think, and will take to my grave...
Those who were willing to help were fewer than those who destroyed my family.

Does not bod well for the future stability of a nation, when the population are seen as an obstacle to profits.


Anonymous said...

A good an honest point of view.

The Native Canadian said...

Thank you.