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Monday, July 30, 2012

Racist feminism and Predatory feminist behaviour.

Racist feminism

This is what the hags aka; feminism has become, give uncontrolled power to any group without anyone allowed to criticize them and they will become corrupt, useless and they will do anything they want. How high does it go, even a government minister was involved. In this case, racism, if done by the hags aka; feminists is allowed and funny????

Predatory feminism
Predatory: Living by or given to exploiting or destroying others for one's own gain.

When I asked for help, from those who could of made a difference, inside the social programs, the very women who, for 16 years told me I was a great father, were nowhere to be found, ignored me, and let old hateful man less hags destroy the future of my daughter and many other girls. I guided her to a promising future, but I did not realize until it was to late, how hateful towards parents, especially fathers these hags were.

They brainwashed her, told her "there is something wrong with a father who loves his daughter this much", (disgusting old hags, we all know what they meant by that one), lied and coached her to say I abused her in order to put her on welfare, and add her to their statistics for the next years funding, and when they were done, they threw her to the wolves, without a care in the world that she was not ready to be on her own. No education, no college, which she had a scholarship and a job offer from a modeling agency.

So, any feminist supporters who want to comment, make sure before you criticize, you inform yourself, According to them, the problem was a father raising a girl and they would do anything to destroy this relationship, even a little underage girl's future.

Men's right movement is not about us, that is the mistake you make when you listen to hateful hags, it is about our children.
Mothers and fathers are sick of the state's organisations, like schools, social programs, stealing our children, we are sick of teen pregnancy, drug abuse and an uneducated generation, were only the affluent get to send their kids to college.

It is not our daughters, our women or women's rights we are against, it is an evil organisation who believe they answer to no one and in the process, make you believe you are a "victim" for life.
Again, as per what they did to my daughter, simply because she was raised by her father, do you support what they did? And does this not destroy what women's rights is all about, the advancement of our daughters.
Do you really believe, any father wants his daughters to be in servitude to their husbands the way hags promote? To those who do,  blind following is the path to corruption, the way we have now.
They have predatory policies, they target vulnerable women, and teen girls, and they do it for money.

Supporters of local anti family corruption, i.e, feminists in the local police, read and print this blog, in the hope that I threaten someone, so they can put me away, to them I say...never going to happen, I am a man, a father, I do not threaten women, just like the majority of the male population, I am also a native man, our society is based on matriarchy, women come first. Ironic isn't it.

I do say this, they started this, they went after my family, and come hell or high water, I will destroy their little seat of self adoration of power, no one is allowed to destroy loving families for personal benefit.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Political parties, they do things differently but the results are the same...Pain.

I had a visit from Christians today, we had a talk about the way things are in the world, I noticed their answers is always,  the bible prophecy of the Creator coming back and making the world a better place and getting rid of greed and pain.
So, I got a little frustrated at their views, that sitting there and waiting is all we can do. I do not believe this, my opinion is, the more we wait, the more greed entrenches itself, and the more life gets bad.
I explained my opinions on my experiences, politically, parties are different but the end results are always the same, people waiting and hoping things will change on their own or by the action of others.

Take Ontario for instance, liberals, ndp, and conservatives. I got so angry at the local social programs destroying my family, that I looked at the policies of these parties. I joined and got involved with one, and I got nowhere. I did get the usual, "what they did is bad and when we get in power we will change things", but a local mpp is more interested in changing pit bull laws and propriety rights than protecting the rights of the family. What good is property rights if our kids are on welfare? Property exists to pass down to our children so they can have a better life, but if they are dependant on the system, the property is lost and becomes only a tool to pay more taxes and when we pass on, all our work is given back to, not our kids, but governments.
I realize  they were telling me what I wanted to hear and why I got letter every week asking for political donations.

Politics in Ontario works this way; a center left government increases welfare roles, makes families dependant, increases the dept and deficit, resulting in more teens drug abuse, teen pregnancy, lack of education, higher taxes, destroyed families and things get worse and worse as time goes on...You get babies pushing baby strollers, and no one has the courage to say, we will help you but you have to stop making kids as long as your on welfare. Instead, they pass on the message, the more kids you have the bigger the check.

So one would think the other side would be better, but no. When they come to power, they have to cut benefits, health care, education, take drastic action in order to undo the previous administrations mess. The ones that suffer are the elderly, the disabled, the sick, school children, so on.
And when they are replaced, the cycle begins again.

So the results are always the same, pain, instead of protecting what is the backbone of any nation, the family, making decisions that would benefit long term, instead only short term is the norm.

Waiting for the Creator to come and fix things is not the way to do things, we have free will, the power to say "NO", sitting around "bitching" about how things are bad is also not the way, it only empowers the corrupt to continue.
And do not depend on the media, as a politician once told me, the problem with today's media is they get a lot of business from governments, so they do not bite the hand that feeds them. Even the media, which at one time were the protectors of the people in the western world have been made so dependant, that they too lost their way.

As I kept on investigating what was going on, I found that many parents are enraged at the way things are, the things they did to me, was not a one time affair but a policy of an unelected bureaucracy, lobbying power, inflated salaries, union power, the more people are dependant, the more power.

It is incredible how the population has been pushed so far down the food chain, disempowered, that we believe there is nothing we can do about it but vote. And when we do vote, we find out we are in the same place we were a year before. Different but the same results, more pain.

If we keep on waiting, hoping, then it is "our" fault we are loosing our children, our fault the elderly have to choose between food or medicine, the disabled never having enough money to have the basics of life, uneducated youths. There is no one we can blame but ourselves, because we are the majority and we could change things overnight if we only said "enough".

Friday, July 27, 2012

Feminists, old hags with a chip on their shoulders

Marissa Mayer: Distance from "Feminism"
There are many instances of women who do not endorse the hags views that all girls are born victims and all boys are born abusers.
What is insulting to moms and dads is the venomous messages hags try to pass on that we raise victims and abusers. Name me one mother who raises her son to abuse his wife, or a father who tells his daughter to serve her husband.
The first thing a father teaches his son is to respect girls, this has always been the primary lesson we give our boys, so were the hell did this message, the hags have been pushing, come from.
And what about mothers, they do not raise their daughters to be in servitude to their husbands, but to be girls first and to be strong. True times change, but the same lessons are given to our children since the beginning of time, we look at the surroundings and prepare our kids to live a good and safe life in the world that is in front of us at the time.

The  hags (aka feminists) are loosing the public because of their message, now a days, they target schools, try to change the lessons parents and families teach kids and the results is confusion and in some cases suicide because teens do not know were they fit in. All because twisted old haters want the world to be as miserable as they are.

Where I live the local hags (social programs and woman's shelter) have targeted schools, hence we have such a problem with drugs and uneducated teens, that welfare has become a job in itself, how to get it and how much to get.
Correct me if I am wrong but that is not the message parents give their children so were do they get it????Schools.

Look at a feminist today, homely looking, and something that would scare one in the dark, you can see the hate on their faces. Luckily, the teens of today are starting to consider them useless.

I was watching TV and saw a commercial from some feminist organisation, Canadian women foundation.

They are pushing that 1 in 2 girls suffer sexual abuse. I am sorry I have girls and women in my family, daughters and granddaughters, according to them some of which should have suffered abuse. Which is nothing more than bullshit and false commercial to demonize fathers and parents. Come on, look at your family, 1 in 2??? Of course, when you discipline you kids, ground them, force them to go to school or eat right, according to them, this is abuse and falsely put this on these statistics. Like i said...bullshit, disgusting self promoting for more funding, that's all it is.
Let's look at what they are saying, canadian population, 34.5 million, half females, 17.25 million, half of those 8.6 million, physically and sexually abused? 8.6 million of our girls are abused in Canada....??? A year???? Canada must be one of the worse countries in the world according to them.
Just for the sake of argument, your teen daughter went to a party you told her not to, according  to them that's abuse, she came home smelling of pot and alcohol, you grounded her, that's abuse, she skipped school and you raised you voice saying, "EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR FUTURE", don't do that again and you grounded her, that's abuse, and that is put on their statistics. If you would follow their rules, none of our daughters would be educated, well mannered, or responsible for their future, because we as parents abuse 1 in 2 of our daughters. (according to them)
Make sense to you?
That is what is so stupid about all this, the exaggeration to promote victimisation of girls, they are so hard up to prove their importance in society that they will "invent" false statistics.
The ones behind this organisation is women's shelter, dividers of families, predatory policies towards teen girls, and promoters of teen pregnancy, drug abuse and an uneducated generation, they target any girl who is rebellious toward her parents, tell her what she wants to hear, "coach" her to say "abuse", put her on welfare, throw her to the wolves and put her on their statistic for next years funding.

Our daughter's rights are "our" responsibility, not some old self hating hags.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can people be hypnotically programmed to kill?

The best kept secret

In the 60s, there was a wave of political assassinations by "lone nuts" such as the country has never been seen before.

Then the "lone nuts" branched out to schools and other public places.

Same pattern every time:

1. Always acting "alone" and with no known social network

2. Vague if not non-existent motivation

3. Before the shooting, they floated around for months with no visible means of support

4. Without any known training, they're often extremely well trained in combat shooting (ex. quick loading of fresh magazines under high stress conditions)

5. They have nothing to say after committing their crimes.

Now, have you seen the batman shooter while he was in court?
He was so drugged he had no idea who he was, where he was or what he was doing there.

Here is another strange thing about James Holmes circulating on the web...

Taking conspiracy theory aside, if this is true, not only is this scary as hell but a society with this type of policy, is doomed to failure. If the state has to resort to such policies to survive, then it is already a failed state.
If this is true, this type of policy would show that the few who hold power, considers the population as a product to serve their interest.
Those who considers themselves above the population, have been using the people as a product for a while, my examples of social programs manipulating our kids to turn on parents for increase funding and political power, and schools indoctrinating children at an early age to depend on the state and it social organisation instead of family, so why not go a step further if this works? 
That is not freedom, nor is it...democracy.
To me it would be an evil which has found its way into our society,
and therefore, we are all in deep shit. (pardon my french)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The stupidity of feminism in today's world.

You know what is so stupid about feminism? With the way the world is headed, towards extreme violence and war, disease and bankrupt states, corruption and greed, it will take "men" to fight and die to protect these old hags (aka: feminists and their minions) against the majority of the world which does not have feminism and feminized men.
When and not if, the world explodes into war, these same sub intellectuals who changed the western world into a wussy society will notice their work was so successful that hardly any men will be left to protect them when they come begging to be defended.

We now depend on technology to defend what is left of the western world, i.e. drones, because no one wants to put their lives on the line for the twisted world they are responsible for, what happens when the state is bankrupt, no more money for exotic weapons, and all the enemies we made in the past 20 years come knocking.
That is what is so hypocritical about man hating feminism; without the rough, cussing, beer drinking, rugged, woman loving "men" they demonize so much, to defend their twisted hate, and their ideals to destroy families, they would not exist. Ironic isn't it?

As a "man", my belief, which I passed down to my daughters, is to never walk behind, or in front of a man, always at his side. Recognize each others place in the circle and you will make a better world. This I will defend, but not feminism's view on what the world should be, and why should I, they do not accept mine..
They will be on their own...
Men, real men, will not fight and die for an ideal that have one goal in mind, to destroy our traditional families.

Feminism is a path to self destruction for any society, respect for each other and the family is the path to a secure future.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The importance of both parents in the family vs the single parent issue.

A father's love is just as important, if not more so, than a mother's
In this study, they say a father's love in the family is extremely important to the development of a child, I do not agree that it is more than the mother. What they fail to take into account is the balance of both in the family home. One without the other has a negative effect on children, unlike the hags(aka feminists)  definition of families, were women can do it without fathers, I do not subscibe to this ideal.
Having raised my daughter on my own, she was well on the path to a great future until the local hags (aka feminists), got their venomous mitts on her, they used teen rebellion against her and simply coached her, "dads are bad". (which she admitted to me lately), including the disgusting statement they made to her because I fought back, "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter this much"...We all know what these left overs of the human race meant by that one. (this statement was from the staff of the local women's shelter)
If the mother would have been around, my daughter's need for a woman role model would of prevented her from listening to the evil low lives from the local hag dominated social programs from brainwashing her in order to add her to their statistics to increase next years funding.
The other way around is also true, if there is no dad around, at a later date, the teen girl risk been lured away by the local tom cat, or any other male been seen as a potential role model.
When there is a parent missing, it puts kids in jeopardy to the predators out there, male or female, for their want of the missing parent.
Just like the interval house in Carleton place Ontario under erin lee todd, Ontario works under nancy green, the local hag infested  teen help organisation open doors, st-johns catholic school in perth Ontario under deanne strong did to me. All there policies supported by the regional directors office and her staff, who called me a "liar" when I asked for their help, josephine fuller.
Fuller is the nasty one, scroll down and see what organisation she has her mitts into...
All those I just named have predatory ideals by putting as many teens on welfare as possible, in order to increase their self worth, hence getting more funding, they promote by their action, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, crime, homelessness and lack of education.
I am not the only one they came after, my research shows, they have and are targeting...yes single parents, making an already difficult job even worse.
(And don't get me started on the child protection industry, they are even worse. (aka C.A.S.)
When I tried to unite my daughter with her half sister, we bought some xmass presents and the reaction I got from the hags at the Ottawa Ontario c.a.s.was...and read carefully, the parallels with what the shelter did above seems to be their favourite attacks on parents, especially fathers, "we are wondering what kind of man buys xmass presents for a little girl"..

These are the real predators, preying on a noticeable weakness in the family, and destroying anything good in order to get self satisfaction of importance, and funding from the government.
So you see, been a single parent, puts you and your child at a disadvantage, you will be preyed upon by all sides. It is better if not for the parents but also for the child to have both, if you want to see them achieve in life, which is every parents dream, and for you children to have a chance.

And since my hags read this blog, in the hopes I threaten them online, to put me away, to shut me up,
I would like to know what you think about my opinions on the traditional family needing both parents for a safe and productive future for the children.
Especially if your a single parent, can you see the predators I described above as a potential danger to the future of your children, and do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at been "attacked" from all sides, simply because your a single parent?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fake rape victims a danger to society

Thought this report is from India, the same thing is happening here in north America.
As my previous posts points out, "coaching" my own daughter against me, was a big mistake on their part. They believed I would just lay down and accept, instead I exposed what they did.
Their criminal behaviour, and that is what it is, (it is against the charter and the criminal code to "coach" someone to make false accusations), is so rampant in our society, including false rape charges, it will makes people doubt when there is a real case.

Let's not make any bones about it, those behind this epidemic are the hags of feminism, since they control the social programs, and have such a say behind the curtain of the justice system, the only reason they do this, is to promote their self worth and financial benefits at the expense of....the real victim.
They do not care about justice, only their twisted ideals and monetary gains.
Any woman who goes to a shelter can make an accusation against her husband, instantly get custody of the kids, dad has to see his kids under supervision, (see picture below) with no investigation to see if it is true or not, they say this policy is in place to protect the woman and children.
I say this policy is in place to promote financial benefit, increase funding through false accusation and control the women and children in these horror houses.
False accusers and real ones are put in the same statistics and sent to the governments for funding.
This policy puts in danger those who do need help, because the money is spent on those who use this to get custody of the children against fathers.

And that is what is so sad about this, some victims has to go through hardships because there is now...doubt. So many false accusation, and the media, instead of exposing it, are silent. Who suffers, the true victim and the falsely accused. 99.999% of the time....MEN, FATHERS.
And let's not forget...children.

Doesn't personal rights count anymore?

I don't understand this issue, as Christians, we have personal beliefs, some contradict the imposition of state laws but we try to get along with everyone without causing malice.
The homosexual issue is a difficult one, for Christians and those who believe in natural laws.
Doesn't those who have different views have the right to have their beliefs respected?
It is fact that the gay lifestyle contradicts beliefs of many religions, so why do they have the right to "impose" their will and others do not have the right to politely refuse.
As long as it is done with class and respect, everyone should find a decent way to live together...
But not according to some in the gay community and governments, it is either you accept our way of looking at things otherwise you will be punished, this does not seem to be freedom to me and so many others.

Personally, I have nothing against gays if they respect others who have different views, but seem lately, we must accept their lifestyle and they do not have to accept ours...
When a group "imposes" their will on others, they create dissention, and even hatred, teaching the gay lifestyle to kindergarten and grade one kids, smell of indoctrination to some, and the worse thing any group can do is to use kids to advance their views...History shows this usually ends up badly.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Question: How does an unemployed medical student afford $20,000 in weapons gear?

If you start to look at the really big picture here, the obvious question arises:
How does an unemployed medical student afford all the complex weapons gear, bomb-making gear, "flammable" booby trap devices, ammunition, bullet-proof vest, groin protection, ballistic helmet, SWAT uniform and all the rest of it?
Full story

I try hard not to sign on to conspiracy theory, but the post above has a point, I too would like to know where all this equipment came from...
and how does someone turn from a respectable student with a promising career, to committing a cowardly murderous act?
A cowardly murderous act to me is when one attacks unharmed women and children, one does not just say to oneself, I think I am going to kill kids today, there has to be an evil behind this...something that caused a breaking point, and I do not believe a movie is the cause.
If anyone would do this out of anger, with some beef against society, then go to the para military, they are armed, or some military base, not that I am condoning it, but shit, to kill children and women...
None of this makes sense.
And what about the main stream media, they have talked to everyone but the local dog walker, so don't tell me they do not thrive on these type of stories...If there is any copy cats out there, they can be assured they will get all the coverage and popularity they desire.
Something is wrong with our society. And to many of the innocent are dying while we sit back and watch all of it on TV.
We either continue on depending on the few, or we do something to change things, because those we trust can't seem to get their asses in gear.

This is just a personal opinion.

Addition: July 21 2012, interesting reading on mind control.

D. Ewen Cameron
was a 20th century scotish born psychiatrist who was involved in the united state central intelligence agency (cia) research on mind control and served as President of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations, the American Psychopathological Association and the Society of Biological Psychiatry during the 1950s. Notwithstanding a career of honors, and leadership in early 1950s psychiatric circles, he is heavily criticized in some circles for his administration of electroshock therapy, experimental drugs, and LSD to his patients, some of whom entered permanent comas as a result of the treatment.

A memo published on the 12th of may 2012, on, yes, theater attacks...False flag????
Terrorists’ Interest in Attacking Theaters and Similar Mass Gatherings

Here is what I find confusing, this James Homes was involved in the ows movement, to my knowledge, the ows movement is for people against the establishment...But he goes out killing women and children in a theater full of...innocent people???

Like I said I try to stay away from conspiracy theory, but this smells.
I can see people been used for profits and power, if it's not the corrupt social programs policy to destroy the traditional family and make people dependant on the system, it's something else. And the main stream media just keeps towing the line.
Looks like this might go higher than the corrupt unelected bureaucracy.
I hope not, otherwise......

As for the crazy media jumping the gun....Divide and conquer?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The most honest three and a half minutes of television.

This can apply to any "democratic" country in the western world,even here in Canada. That is what is so sad about this, the lost of potential we once had. I was surprised by the statement "acted like men", it shows that even Hollywood has began to realize, one of the problem we have in our society is the imbalanced some have injected into everyday life.
When governments pander to the minority, not to make things better, but to get more votes for power, eventually, the imbalance they promoted comes home to roost.
The main problem of our everyday life is the lost of this generation, the ipod, ipad, the laptop, trying to keep up with the Jones and buying our kids a new one every 6 months. Remember what our parents told us, "you want one, work for it, there are shores to be done" and we learned to fend for ourself this way. Boys were boys, groomed to be men, girls were girls groomed to be women.
But because of the radical old hag feminists message, that men were born abusers, women were born victims, all this went down the drain.
According to them, back then was bad, we men abused all women, all women were victimised, but wait a second, no father ever wanted his daughters to be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, and no mother ever raised her sons to abuse they wives.
The old hag, the spinster, aka; the feminist, promoted the message of "men are all bad" for one reason only, to divide the family, make women feel victimised, divide half against the other and reap the financial benefits.
Their time and their venomous message is up, they are loosing support and  governments who continue to bow before them are also having problems.
The boys and girls of the next generation have begun to see each other in a brand new way, equals and they are doing it on their own, tell a girl today she is a permanent victim and she will laugh in your face. Pro life is becoming more powerful politically, the traditional family is beginning to say enough and this is a good thing, even for those who hate; a little at a time, maybe this world still has a chance.
No more drug abuse, teen pregnancy, teen crime, respect for parents and family, and mom and dad on the porch, with a tear in their eyes, proud to send their children into the world, knowing they have done the best they could and hope the kids will be able to handle what comes their way.

The traditional family is the only entity that can make a nation prosper and safe, not the state, not the bureaucracy, not the imposition of the few, and certainly not the spinster hags of old, now called...the feminist.

Change is coming, it is...inevitable...
Noticed our children do not fear the state, if the state does not notice, their power is no longer viable, if they do not accept the changing tides, they will fall, question is, what will come after.
We saw what happened in 1917 and 1933, let us hope, history does not repeat itself. The west is ripe for a takeover, it only needs someone at the right place at the right time.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Preparing for war in the middle east.

It says it all doesn't it, the media conforming to what they are told, people ravenous with hate, the bogyman syndrome.
Problem I have with this is, someday someone, some county with the belief in the invinciblility syndrome will go to far. With the weapons we have today, when the smoke clears, the living will envy the dead.
And the innocent amongst us, our kids, what of them, or do we live in such a messed up world that they to, are expendable...for oil.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The true finances of a shelter..Money first, people second

I have talked about the shelter in Carleton place eliminating their 1-800, assault line to save money, which was one of the most stupid thing I have ever heard of, since the reason they exist is that specific reason. Now that is either corruption of plain stupid mismanagement.
Then we have their reasoning that they do not have enough blankets and food...
Or xmass presents. or... well you get the idea...
So I started to think, talked to someone who was at this shelter, she told me she had to get welfare.
So, they get 1.4 million a year, multiplied by welfare for each resident that passes through their doors, local businesses financial donations, individual donations, rallies and special days, more donations, and they cut the 1-800 assault line first????

Were is the money going???????????????

Let's say 50 people crosses their doors as residents....a single person on welfare get on average 550, but increase that with kids, let's average it out to 800 per resident, depending on the number of kids, now add the donations from businesses, personal, special days...the material donation, like food, blankets, clothing, toys, so on....which reduces their operation budget....

I have seen this house, small, and certainly not expensive to run.....

Again...were is the frigging money going to????

And they cut the assault line to save money??????

So, basically, it is all about the money, there was no viable reason to cut the assault line, they did it to manipulate public opinion into believing they are in financial difficulty, to get more donations...

Not a great scientific survey but damn....who suffers with this type of policy, those who need help, their policy to get more money is actually wasting money...

A shelter's main message has always been; All men are bad !
Give us more money, to pay for bloated salaries, travels all over the place to tell school kids their mom and especially their dads are bad?

In the meantime women are indoctrinated in special classes they are forced to attend, children forced to stay inside instead of offering them outings...

Financially, men could do better... I could do better....

I mean, when it comes to a shelter, the last thing anyone should do is cut access to the assault line...that is the reason shelter exists....I would take a pay cut before I would do that...
But then I am a man, I don't hate anyone simply for been who they are.

For those who think freedom is something you play with...

Naked force has settled more issues in history than any other factor, and the opposite opinion is wishful thinking. Those that forgot this simple rule, are doomed to follow the path of histories tyrants. "Robert Heinlein"

A warning;

After we restore the constitution and the charter of rights and freedoms to power, I assure you that you will get a “fair” trial, just like the Nazis did at Nuremberg.

The battle of the sexes, remember that one?

In 1998 female tennis players Venus and Serena Williams said they could beat any man ranked 200 or worse; both lost handedly to a man ranked #203, who smoked between the matches.

This is what happened.

When Billy Jean beat Bobby Riggs it was hailed as a feminists victory, ok, personally I never felt threatened by it. But hey, if it makes them feel better so be it.
I can't play baseball, if my life depended on me hitting a baseball with a bat, I am screwed, so if some 20 year old girl would challenge me, I would lose.
Does it threaten my manhood, not one bit, I would be glad for the girl and continue on.

The point is this, I can do things this girl could not, and she could do things I could not, but if we accept each other’s differences, each others gifts and embraced them, we give the world; people with multiple, different, but needed talents. But if we listen to old hags with inferiority complexes, then we suppress a portion of society who could make things better.

Women are not better than men, men are not better than women, we have each other’s importance in the circle of life, and when we walk side by side, we make life a better place for our kids, but if we let inferior thinking people divide us, we have a messed up world, just like we are experiencing today.

Tennis anyone????
Could be fun, then let's go home.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

1948 cartoon, communism, big government, vs, capitalism, small government, mmm!

Strange, I am not saying there is comunism in our society, but you can clearly see the impositions of some of its rules in todays everyday life.

An honest opinion on the police in Ontario.

I can't speak for all the jurisdictions, everywhere, but I can speak on what happened to me, where I live.
I found those willing to threaten me, were more numerous than those who offered to help. And that is scary in a free society, were corporations, social programs, individual power is protected at the expense of the citizen or in my case, the parents, the family, the child.

I can't lower all of them in that description, the few that did help, took the time to listen, look, investigate and come to a conclusion, this was wrong.
Even thought by the action of so many, I still lost my daughter, those who did try to help, made a difference in the way I though of them as a whole.

I realized another thing, a few that were understanding were older, but the majority that wanted to help and follow the letter of the law, were...rookies.

The thing is, as they are indoctrinated into the brotherhood, how long until we loose some of the rookies to the behaviour of those around them, that they see so much evil actions out there, they believe we are all the same.
Eventually with the help of those who lost their way, they will be turned to the idea that the population must be controlled, told how to behave, and take the side of corporations, social programs(in my case), and the greed, corruption, we are now experiencing.

There was a time, we could depend on them to help out, when I went through the nightmare I did, I really expected them to help me out, against those who were using my children to benefit themselves, I have to admit, it caught me by surprise, when they treated me as if I was the criminal in order to protect the local social programs.

It made a bad situation even worse, and found myself fighting on two fronts.
And still to this day, I ask, "who can I trust to help".

This is the way I think, and will take to my grave...
Those who were willing to help were fewer than those who destroyed my family.

Does not bod well for the future stability of a nation, when the population are seen as an obstacle to profits.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life in lanark county, corrupt anti parent policies.

In lanark county Ontario, children are targeted by schools for indoctrination against parents, social programs entice teens to leave home to increase their work force, women's shelter turn teen girls against good fathers by demonizing them with false accusations, and coach wives to claim abuse for custody purposes, and if a parent dares to fight back, some in the local police force will threaten them.This policy has promoted drug abuse, crime, alcoholism, disrespect for parents, homelessness, and a lost generation. At my age, I had other dreams, than to be treated like an animal, of be demonized unfairly by some old hags (aka feminists) who have inferiority complexes, but so be it, one thing I will never accept is to be a ...victim. My freedom is not given to me by the few, but by the Creator. And I take freedom extremely seriously, if we do not, our children will suffer.
Live free or die with nothing...

Women's monument proposed for Stewart Park, Mayor cautions idea may not have county-wide financial support

Monument proposed by the most corrupt shelter in ontario
In this pro feminist story on the emc, not one mention of children, victims of infanticide.

I do not believe there should be a pro-feminist monument in Perth Ontario, especially because it is proposed by one of the most corrupt shelter in ontario and its propaganda arm, the emc.
Violence in the home is not centered on women only, men and especially children have died at the hands of women. Where is their monument. Your not going to hear them promoting that one.
Before we have any kind of feminist propaganda, I think a good thought should be given to a monument honoring "all" those who died at the hands of their supposed loved ones.

The only reason this shelter is promoting this is to get free advertisement, increase their self importance and to spew out more of their twisted  policies and hatred on the population, especially coming from their propaganda mouth piece, sarah bingham.
This is the shelter, as I have posted before who cut funding to their assault line, the very reason
a shelter exists, instead of cutting the perk the staff "take", coaches young girls to claim abuse, has or had a business arrangement with a local woman who ran a rooming house, rented it to underage girls she collected from this shelter and payed her mortgage that way, these girls been underage, she "controlled" the welfare check. That is what she told me personally, and one of the reason my investigation, unlike the emc, convinced me, the shelter system is so corrupt, you can't believe anything they say.
How many families have been destroyed by this shelter, "coaching" women to claim abuse for custody purposes, how many children have cried for their fathers, indoctrinating session for the women in that house of horrors, and anyway, most of the women that go there, go back home.

What a ridiculous idea, in this county only the death of women count, never mind children.....

Old feminist propaganda...that is all it is, a way to promote "their" venom, get more money and brag for years to come that they were responsible for the monument.

Here is my real monument, children first.
RCMP report on the truth.

Both mother and fathers kill infant children at the same frequency.

When all age groups were considered, mothers and step-mothers killed more children thanfathers and step-fathers.

With regard to method used, fathers were more physically abusive and mothers strangled

or asphyxiated their child to death.

The average age of a child killed by the mother

was 4 years and the father, 8 years

The average age of all children killed was 4 years. Mothers killed more children than fathers.

According to the women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario, children do not count.

I hope Perth Ontario's municipal government gets the message, start with children if you have to pick a group to immortalize....

Maybe they would need support in making the right decision...

Perth Ontario government contacts. Click on "contact us"

I promise this, if there is a monument and it honors children first, or the traditional family, I will be one of the first to make a donation.

The idea that only women count, when violence occurs, is an old feminist, "women are born victims" policy, and it is passer.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When we do not attach a leash on social programs, (Ontario), this is the results...

  I would never advocate the destruction of social programs programs, we have the elderly, the disabled, the poor, victims of crime, so on…They need our help and our support, been Canadians, this is in our character.
But the way they are set up now, as little entities of power and financial advancements for the very few, the waste of money and the twisted mandate they seem to think they have, is making even more poor, elderly have to choose between food or medicine, and the disabled are just forgotten, trying to make ends meet, and finding enough food is a job in itself. Not to mention the tax burden on the working man or woman, to pay for extravagant trips, bloated salaries and corrupt policy of putting people against each other for statistical purposes and increase funding.

Let’s face facts here, it is not the helpful person who runs these social programs, not the woman who believes in helping or the man who works hard at serving a needy population. These programs are controlled by what is left of the feminist movement, old hags, angry spinsters, man-haters, and women with inferiority complexes who will do anything to demonize dads, husbands, fathers, and use vulnerable women to achieve their goal…to destroy the traditional family.

These low lives have experienced a bad situation in their lives, are full of hate and are now in control of every social program in Ontario, Ontario works, women’s shelter, C.A.S. (AKA child protection), housing, teen help organisations and for a while now, our schools. Try to complain about their behaviour if they did your family wrong and you find them inside that too.

They ignore you as a parent, blame you, or simply shove you aside as unimportant.

So what are the results of these old feminists and what is left of their supporters, control over the social programs?

Ontario...dead last...

It is easy to see; we have rampant teen pregnancy, drug abuse, alcoholism, crime, increase taxes, less buying power, earnings are going down, less jobs, bad dept, deficits, destroyed families, broken hearted parents, lack of education, unemployment… But hey, if we have an uneducated population, you have a cheap work pool…and those above make more profits at our expense.

And here is another thing, women’s shelter especially, call themselves experts, what expertise do they have, a bad experience in their lives does not make them experts, it makes them hateful, resentful, they are known to even go after women if they do not tow the line. Shelters have been known to “coach” teen girls against parents, wives against husbands for custody puposes, daughters against parents. If they were experts, they would make sure not to infuse their experiences into policy. That is what I mean as a waste.
Also, welfare offering on demand check, housing offering apartments, teens don’t like house rules, fine, here is a check and an apartment, have more kids, bigger check, child protection taking kids away from good parents, in the meantime all that waste could be directed to those who do needs the help.
If you are in a judge and jury situation, they ask you if you have had any experiences , either as a victim or anyone in your family was ever a victim of the crime you are about to judge…if so, you are excused from the pool, because you might have a bias against the accused…
If a criminal has that right, why are those at shelters not vetted for their personal bias? How does that make them “experts”?

So what about the money been used for personal ideals instead of helping the person who seeks help? Sorry we do not have the finance anymore…
This is a perfect example of the results of financial abuse, corruption and waste, how the hell can a shelter justify cancelling its 1800 line for the sexual assault program, is this not the main reason they exist? Why not cut the bloated salary of the staff, its director, stop her travels all over the place, wasting money on luring teenage girls, that is the waste, it take money to lure. I find it amazing the emc said nothing about a shelter cutting it's assault line before anything else, but I am not suprised, the emc is a big promoter of this shelters director.

As the video above explains, the main reason for their existence in “our” social programs is the paycheck, the funding, the power, and they will step on anyone to achieve their goals.

And the ones that pay for their little games of personal power, is the elderly, the disabled, the young single parent, the poor, the family, the worker, the taxpayer.
Ontario worker bring home a smaller pay check every year, we as a province are in dire financial difficulty, the social programs needed to help, are used as a tool for the corrupt, in the meantime we have people in this province wondering where the next meal is going to come from…

When we get back to our sense and attach a leash on these old crows, there will be enough money to help, to bring down taxes, bigger paychecks, more buying power, more jobs, less crime, less drug abuse, less teen pregnancy, happier families, a better society.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Parental Rights Being Eroded; Parents Who Questions Vaccination at Hospital Has Newborn Taken Away

A social worker came to the parent’s room and announced that she was going to conduct an investigation of them.

The social worker claimed that it was "against the law" to show the parents the allegations before she was questioned.

When the parents resisted and said that they were not comfortable answering questions when they did not even know what was going on, the social worker threatened to call police and take custody of the baby.

A doctor also arrogantly indicated his dislike for midwives with the comment "too many people think they know what they're doing".

Does something seem very wrong with this picture?

The moral of this story is that government hospital and social workers will lie about the health of your child and quickly violate your Rights in order to force medical treatment upon your children without your consent.
Full story

This is why blogs such as this one exists, the erosion of parental rights, replace with the almighty state and it's out of control beaurocracy .
The social worker, the doctors, the police, the schools have been running wild destroying the families on this continent. Even though this story takes place in America, it is prevalent here in Canada also.

I went through hell to get my daughter back from them after she was born. Abused by the mother, which they knew this, it was more important for c.a.s. (Ontario’s child protection) to return her to her mother. They did this three fringing times. After the third time, I went for custody and after a consorted effort by these workers to put all kinds of sticks in my wheels, false accusations, personal attacks; (ps. I know it was because I was the father), I successfully got my child home.
The rest is history, when she was 15 and understandably in a rebelious stage, they restarted their attacks, demonized, falsely accused, and threatened me to a point where I considered this an act of war, I was so pissed. The results are a destroyed life, no future and no moral path to follow.
I have good memories of our lives together, we had fun and laughter was a big thing at our home. To this day, I keep on asking what the hell happened?

Women’s shelter in Carleton place Ontario,... welfare, ...teen help organisations,(aka open doors) (Warning; if u have a rebellious teen stay away from teen help organisations), even cops, doing everything to protect their power, their finances, their pay check, their statistics, instead of working with the parents?
A self rightous cop even "invented" a warrant against me, I looked into this one and 5 RCMP officers and 3 federal court officers can't be all wrong and her right...This one was the most disturbing...
"we warned you?".
"You better co-operate with us, we have ways of getting even, what comes around goes around?".
"She can do whatever she wants?" Keeping in mind she was undage at the time...
That is what was thrown in my face by cops, and for what? To protect my child? To be able to offer her a future away from welfare???? WHAT THE FU#$%??? (pardon my french)
(with all due respect, some cops, especially at the rcmp, did help and some were even appalled).
I am still thinking of suing them for harassement, I just have to figure out, if, in the grand scheme of things, if it is worth my time.

So, I asked myself, why is this happening to so many parents?

As per the story above, it is necessary in today’s world to ask if the vaccination for babies is the right thing to do. So many children, after these vax, end up with autism; one has to wonder if there is a correlation between the two. However, to have a child taken away simply for asking questions, is criminal.

I concluded after reading so many sad parental stories online, that there is an evil in our mist. I was not one of the few, but one of the many. Evil exists by the action of people, it is not something you can point out and tell it to go away, that is what makes it so powerful.

Children are been taken for funding, political and lobbying power, statistics, to increase the workforce, paychecks, and that is corruption in the most vile. When they target babies, children, they perform an evil act, and when the media, such as we experience here in Lanark County, (the emc) co-operate with them, it makes it even more powerful. This paper has been a big supporter of the local social programs especially the anti-parents, anti fathers shelter. It is all the parents and the kids fault, offering welfare on demand to teens is a good idea for them.

What is the main purpose of the social worker today, whether from a shelter, welfare, teen help, so on?
Here is a description of what they "really" are...

best viewed in full screen...

If as parents, (the power behind a nation’s stability) we continue on acting as if we are the poor victims with no power, this is only going to get worse. Eventually, it will not matter, what your position is, a politician, a cop, a soldier, a worker, a homemaker, a working father, a working mother, a religious leader, their power will be so immense, the only way to undo this evil from our society will be through revolution. A state become unsustainable when they (the beaurocracy), go after children, when they take over from the parents and this is exactly what is going on.

Therefore, whose fault is it, we got to where we are now? It is the justice system who co-operates with this evil, the local social worker who looks at families as a source of funding, the cop who takes their side instead of the parents, the media who instead of exposing, play golf with them and promote this evil and….ours… when we say…nothing.

Remember, politicians are under “our” control, “the family, the parents, the grandparents”, if we speak up in one voice, we have the votes, if we take action as one voice, they will have no other choice but to act. However, if it does not concern you, who will be there to help you, when they come knocking at your door…
You have two choices: your children are “your” responsibly or they belong to the state…

Time to take a stand, your kids are depending on you to do the right thing.

So, what are you going to do?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Maple Spring: 'Canada vs totalitarian govt crackdown' On russia today?

As a Canadian, proud of the peacekeeper past, our former reputation as a tolerant society, this is...disturbing.
How do we explain this?
How could this happen?
After listening to this video, and the Quebec government contracts given to, shall we say, unscrupulous people, no wonder the students are pissed.
But what disturbs me the most, is seeing this on RUSSIA TODAY....
In 1993, we elected the liberals, under Jean Chretien, this governemnt said, "we have to take action", and together we fixed the nation and the rest is history.
What we need is another statement such as this.
We are on the edge of another economic meltdown, but this time, there is no more money for bailouts.

The return of man...a must if society is to survive.

Father Allegedly Kills Man Who Molested His Daughter, Texas Cops Say.
We have no other choice, in order to protect our children and our women's safety, we have to put things back in order...
All of us, soldiers, vets, cops, religious, worker, warrior, we bleed on the battlefield to give the world a good and peaceful life, and the sub-intellectuals and sub-humans are now running free, destroying what we fought so hard for.
There are many examples of the destruction of our society by the corrupt, but one always comes back to me as a man... the idea that a child molester, a rapist, male or female, has rights...
They do not and when we make it clear in the near future, these animals need to be treated the same way they treat others, we will also hold to account those who gave these left over of the human race... rights.

We apologize to all the children of the world who have suffered, we blinked and let the corrupt sub-intellectuals infest our world with evil.
We will, I promise, we will make things...right. The hard way.

And no! We will not force anyone to be what they do not wish to be.

Women's rights depend on women and men, if you look to one hateful group, (aka feminists,) you alienate a strong portion, the other half who could make things better faster.
The world needs men as much as women, one cannot survive without the other, sperm banks cannot sustain without men, sperm cannot be cloned, and even if it can, clones degenerate after a few generation, baby's cannot be cloned and even if they can, genetically, the cloning pool will degenerate after a few generation. So where is the argument of the old hags (aka feminists) that men are not needed???
Equality is not a tool to be used as a divisive policy, men and women build this world not the corrupt of today's world.
A mother's son is not born a potential abuser, and your daughter are not permanent victims.