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Sunday, June 3, 2012

When children are used for profit and thrown away by corrupt social programs

Real Foster Care Facts.

Fact: It is more affordable to adopt from foster care. Most child welfare agencies will cover the costs of the home study and court fees, as well as provide post-adoption subsidies.

Fact: In 2009, thousands of parents had their parental rights terminated by the courts, only a few of these children were adopted.
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Fact: In foster care, children will often move as many as three or more times.

Fact: In many cases, foster children are separated from their siblings.

Fact: the average age of children waiting to be adopted in foster care is 8 years old, many of the children over the age of 8 will never find a permanent home.

Fact: 63% of children in foster care are re-abused. The foster care system is taking kids away from parents who may or may not of abused them and handing them to people who abuse them and they are being paid.

Fact: Some foster parents care more about the money they will earn from being a foster parent than the foster child themselves.

Fact: The "age out" for a foster child is 18. On the day of their birthday before midnight, they must leave foster care.

With their suitcase and belongings in hand, but no coping skills or resources to negotiate adulthood and off they go by themselves. In many cases, they end up homeless, incarcerated or institutionalized.

Fact: last year, thousands of children aged out and left the foster care system without an adoptive family.


Anonymous said...

This surprises you? I once said I would never adopt except for a foreign child, because in the US/Canada the state can come and take them back for any reason. Being the type that would take up arms to protect my family, it's just easier not to put myself in that situation. Let the kids rot - it really doesn't matter to me one bit.

The Native Canadian said...

Believe me, if anyone understands your anger towards the north american social programs its me, they r corrupt beyond fixing, they need to be restarted and all those involved in them, fired. They use children for their own benefit and power, but to say "let the kids rot", that is anger, and I do not think you really mean it...Thank you for the comment.