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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Those with power love to control people, the lust for power at freedom's expense

If the video does not work you can also see it here.

After what I went through, simply for trying to protect my parental rights, I have no doubt in what this guy says.
I "never" threatened anyone, I was always polite, I always tried to explain in detail the harm they were doing to my family, and to tell you the truth  I expected then to listen, they did not.
What they did is threatened me and others who fight for their kids, they basically told me, our children belong to them to do with what they wish.

The local media to this day, co-operates with this type of corruption, the feminist controlled social programs no longer works to protect rights and offer a service, but uses their position to get as much money as they can, taxpayers money. Inflated salaries, travels at the expense of the social programs, perks and tax deductible loop holes.
And what does the local media do? Offer free advertisement for corrupt policies.
The waste that I saw in the women's shelter in carleton place ontario, ontario works(welfare), housing, family services, child protection (cas), disturbed me because I always thought they were there to help. I found out the hard way, with threats, threatening their little money bags was not allowed. What they never counted on was I did not care or fear their threats.

Local housing; I live close by to subsidized houses, one resident just bought a new car, the other just moved in, bought a new truck, one has one kid but a 3 bedroom, just to name a few. The reason this is happening is they pay full price on the rent. The reason why housing exists is to offer decent homes (subsidized housing) to those who are very poor, like the single parent with a few kids abandoned by their spouses. These people are put so far down the list, they get what is left or get nothing at all, are by-passed for those with......the money. That is not what housing was created for. This twisted greedy policy offers a life of poverty to the single parent, renting apartments with inflated rents, cutting the food budget to pay it, no chance for the children to get clothes other than second hand, food from food banks and despair caused by greed.  And when a child lives this way, forget about education, statistics proves that poor is a doomed life on the welfare roles.

Still to this day, the local media, the social programs, the local governments, even some in the police (not all), continue as if they can no longer be touched.
And that is corruption to the greatest degree, it is the tool for the fall of a society, it has happened in history many times, yet, those who can change it usually get drawn into it or simply are overwhelmed by the intensity if the attacks on them if they dare.
We see the future by simply looking at Greece, Europe, California.... Inflated salaries, out of control social programs, Sound familiar? Or are we so naive to believe this will never happen here? If they fall, we fall...
So, the bad guys is not you or me, it is those "we" gave this power to, they forget they are suppose to "administer" not rule, the way things are going, these people are either the dumbest ones alive, or the greediest, "take as much as we can from the sheep's" policy. The low intellectuals have taken power, they are not there to help, but to control people, and this is what they actually believe and this is what happens when "we" the people, look the other way.


Here is my thoughts on feminism, the old hags who control the women's shelter, welfare, housing, child services are a threat to the traditional family, that is true, but they are so stupid, so low brow intellectuals, they are a perfect tool for the corrupt governments.
Think about it, destroy the family, make the next generation dependant on the system, offer welfare to anyone that asks, force no one to look for work, destroy the traditional family by demonizing the protector of the family, (fathers and husbands), make women believe they are permanent victims, keep children poor and what do you have, a voting base for a self claiming left wing political party.

And that is the power who love to control people, why do it yourself and risk exposure, when you have old hags do it for you. AKA feminists.

Josef Goebbels would be proud. His policies on propaganda so demonised at Nuremberg, put into use today. If goebells was alive today he would say;
Sie sehen, ich hatte recht. Translation; you see I was right......


Anonymous said...

Another good one, to the point of the problem. I read the one b4 and this one, and you have it right on, the abuse in this area is disgusting, they use our kids, seperate our families and for what? money. Will pass on your site.

Mike said...

Been following what is hapening in europe too, and ur right, social programs are used as either for political reason or those who run it are so fucking corrupt they are destroying everything, use to believe in them, i dont anymore.