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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The problem with teachers in Ontario Canada. Corruption and radicalism.

Not only are schools "infested" with the disease of radical feminism, (all men are bad, your dads are bad, traditional family morals are bad), also the main problem with schools especially here in Ontario, is, they switched from teaching kids as their primary goal to been union members...
In my experience, the worse one is a catholic high school in perth ontario, the principal is a skirt wearing, bow down to radical feminism, no balls mangina, and its vice principal deanne strong, who is a radical anti family feminist. Gay lifestyle, abortions, demonizing parents are openly supported. In turn, according to the girls, half the boys claim they are gay, (proof it is only a fad, strange as it is), drugs are openly used, teen girls end up on welfare with multiple kids, multiple fathers.
Sooo, why are we funding catholic schools???? When they can't even follow their own mandate? Or the teachings of the catholic faith? One might not agree with it, but if they do not follow the reason why we fund them, then it is money that would be better spent on the public system.
To give credit where credit is due;  the local public school, Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute, is more pro-family than the local catholic school, when I was having problems with my daughter, the public school co-operated with me, understood the problem, (teen rebellion), tried to work with me and my daughter. It almost worked.
But when she went to this catholic school, I tried to work with them, tried to explain the problem, vice principal called the cops ( I never threatened anyone????), and when my daughter saw this, (yes, the vice principle did this right in front of her) it emboldened her to be more rebellious, so I lost her to the welfare system. She was 6 months away from college with a scholarship, working, and an honor student.
Soo, in my honest opinion, the majority of schools are used as a tool, for political ideals and simply for personal use by those with an agenda to destroy lives, and those who forgot the reason why a teacher exists, to guide a child on the right path first with the co-operation of the parents and a union member second.
And to fund catholic schools is a waste of money, better spent in the public system, and by the way...I am catholic, so this is not a anti catholic site...just in case...
And were was the catholic school board in all this...nowhere to be found.


Janet said...

I had to pull my son out of this specific school, everytime I would pick him up, I saw kids smoking, an it was not cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

also had dealings with the vice principal ST JOHNS CATHOLIC SCHOOL, DIANE STRONG, what an arrogant bitch, treats parents like dirt. I would not recomend any parent to send their kids there.

Carly said...

LOve your site, was looking for info on schools in the area, daugther is heading for high school next year, decided not to send her to st-johns. Talked to other parents and some said the same thing you did, Thanks for the information.

Micheline said...

My two cents
I have fought for women's rights, been reading what they did to you, what they put you through was not what we wanted, by any means, it is true that the system has been taken over by unscrupulous people, who seem to think it is they own little base of power, I have experienced this myself and that is why I no longer believe the feminist movement is relevant in the state it is in. We never wanted to, as you say demonize men, but it seems to be the norm, at the expense of our countries children. Not all women who fight for equal rights are feminists; in fact, a lot of us now distance ourselves from what has become a corrupt organisation, who will, by their actions reverse the progress we have made.
I read inside you blog, were you use to be a labour negotiator for equal work, equal pay, even that did not offer you or your daughter any respect, or cooperation from them, simply because you were a father. This alienates men, and when one segment of our population is estranged, progress cannot be achieved.
I wish you the best, what you are battling has become a powerful organisation and they do not take criticism well, it is extremely corrupt and I do not believe they understand the politics of what they are doing or the ramification in the long term, what they do is out of spite and hatred, towards men, and even towards women who do not toe the line. It is financial and personal power most of them are after, I have talked to politicians provincially and federally, who are well aware of this problem, their little mountain of power is about to take a fall, the question is, how much damages have they done and how long will it take to repair it.

The Native Canadian said...

Well Micheline, I thank you for ur 2 cents, if everyone thought like you, it would be a better world.
Thanks for the comment.