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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The legacy of feminism. A broken society.

Men flock online for 'peace of mind' paternity tests

Notice how the report tries hard to say "no no, all this is wrong it could cause abortions and such"...never mind that the man might find out his woman has been cheating or, importantly, he might be paying alimony for a child that his not his, but all this doesn't matter, its only a man......its all a scam to demonize men and they are getting caught at it...that is the legacy of feminism, a scam...Oh and by the way...It's all jerry spinger's fault. Ya ok!
Up to four in 10 of these suspicious minds find out they are not the real fathers, that in itself is nasty.

I am not going to over analyse this report, it speaks for itself and men must, for financial survival have their kids tested, why?
Because the feminist agenda has always been to demonize men, we are all abusers, or we are....dead beat dads, how can one be a deadbeat dad, if the kid is not his. The way things are set up now, especially in the western world, a man has to protect himself against such accusations, or paying for life for a child that he did not make. In such cases the cheating woman should be held responsible.

I went to a local housing complex, here is the one row I noticed, out of 6 homes, one had cocaine addicts, with multiple kids, one had a young woman with 4 kids, 3 different fathers, another with 3 kids, one on the way, 3 different fathers, another had kids all over the place and men coming in and out, and old woman pissed off at the world, out of the six, only one had a working family, actually I would say out of the whole complex, 12 homes, I saw only 2 working families, and I am not even sure about the second one.
That is another legacy of feminism...Offer young girls a welfare check, make more kids, have a bigger check, no school, no profession, no hope, the kids you make are ours, generation welfare recipients, throw them to the wolves, and by the way...tell your friends. When you have these types of policies you end up with a mess.

So why would a man not make sure the kids are his? the government will come after you, your pay check will be garnished, you will be called a dead beat dad, you are going to live in poverty, and all this because you a man. Soooo, were is the woman fit in all this?????
According to the clowns of feminism, she is the....victim.
As for the men, according to these "feminists" we do not have emotions, we are disposable, and we can be laughed at and abused financially by corrupt and twisted old hags...who can't even get men of their own.
I think that is why they are so pissed, no men around, who can blame a man for staying away from such disgusting old hags. (personal opinion)

Anyway, the clowns aka; feminists, are destroying what was the strenght of any nation, its financial security, and it's future, the traditional family. In doing so, they are also destroying feminism itself, if they think, we, women and men, dad and mom are just going to sit by and say nothing they are sadly mistaken. Pro life is getting stronger, women siding with men is getting stronger, the support for the family is getting stronger.
But they have caused so much problems in our world that to fix their misery imposed on us will take generations.
And again.. this is the legacy of ...feminism.


Anonymous said...

Just want to say,thanks for opening access to your blog.

I have been trying to watch this blog and was blocked with-out an invite.


The Native Canadian said...

ya, for some reason it was changed...

Anonymous said...

why should I pay for another man's kid. keep up the good work.