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Friday, June 29, 2012

The false propaganda aimed at local youths...

In this story we have what is basically the "problem" our youth are facing. They want activity, make a surprisingly good argument, but in the background, are targeted by social programs and local governments as a source of funding. In this situation, the teens can't win.
First because they are teens and are not fully aware of the money bags they are seen as, second, they are facing such a deep corruption locally and I am sure in other regions, that every one involved,  including the local media uses them as a feel good story, and that is all it is. On many occasions I have seen these type of stories locally, let us help the teens, homelessness, drug abuse, leaving school to early, teen pregnancy, and crime, year after year, yet nothing is ever done.
And nothing will come of this story either. Nothing will be done, money will be spent somewere else, and kids in smiths falls will only have the park or the pot smoking row at the local st-john catholic school in perth to learn how to grow.
Local lanark county welfare, the corrupt women's shelter in carleton place (all men are bad), housing, will continue on targeting them for funding and the local media, emc, will continue on praising the good work these animals do...

Unless, we as parents put a stop to the manipulation of our kids for use in corrupt policies, we are headed towards a fall and when this happens the only ones to blame will be those who said..."it does not concern me".
It is easy to expose the truth in this area, teen pregnancy is so bad, the local saying in spingtime is "go downtown and see how many babys are pushing baby stollers". And that is the result of the local social programs welfare on demand, have more kids bigger check, women's shelter targeting teens, demonization of parents by them and local school, especially st johns catholic school in perth, but the main reason this is hapening is because the local paper, the emc is refusing to expose the truth, corrupt press invites corrupt policies.

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Allison said...

Ur totally right, nothing will be done, its just a feel good moment to them, put it in the emc, pretend u care and all is ok. smiths fall ontario canada, do not move here, and if you do, expect to loose your kids to welfare, drugs, alcohol, thats what a tool is.