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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The fall of the western world, attacked from the inside, through our children.

After hearing last night about a bust of a prostitution ring in our nation’s capitol, Ottawa, at first, my reaction was “mmm! Another one”. But it was the details that enforced my beliefs that our society, re-arranged by the radical old hags, man less, left wing communist radical feminists, who control the social programs such as housing, welfare, women’s shelter and the education system that came to mind.
Treating teens like "little adults" as they have been preaching is one of the worse idea in a multitude of worst idea ever impose on a country. They have been demonizing parents, especially fathers in schools so much, this is the result.

In the past, this specific story would never have happened; I do not think this has ever happened in our history, two 15-year-old girls were, according to a CBC report, running a prostitution ring. Some of the “children” these two were selling out were as young as 13 years old. The victims here is not only those who were selling themselves but also the two 15 year olds also, victims of those who "uses" kids for a political ideal, for funding purposes the way shelter's do and the social programs such as welfare and child protection,----(what a contradictory title).

This is by far, an exact description of a failed society brought on by corrupt, unscrupulous, demonic, venomous man hating, family destroying old hags AKA; FEMINISTS, who thrive on luring our kids in a decadent way of life through the school system. By their constant attacks on anything to do with men, fathers, husbands, they have taken away the balance in the traditional family and this is the results. Lack of respect for moral values, lack of understanding in what is right or wrong and a total breakdown of society, through their policy of putting as many kids on the welfare role as possible to increase their power base.

This is exactly what they did to my underage daughter, lured her away from her home, offered a welfare check, and left her to the wolves once they were done with her. And their attitude, from the feminist cop in Carleton place who told me "we warned you", to the director of the local welfare, the corrupt director of the women’s shelter in Carleton place Ontario, the local man hating feminist vice principal at st john’s catholic high school, all, had a sarcastic smile on their faces, when I asked them to help, not destroy, and had that stupid look, that they could do whatever they wanted….with my....our kids….Bad mistake.

So, not to go into too much of a rant…tell me again, how this twisted ideal of feminism and their gay allies are making our world a better place????? When 15 year olds run a protitution right, some might blame the girls but I wont, they are frigin children, how did they get the idea to do this instead of playing with dolls...how did they become so informed about this??? Schools.

What is the answer to their attacks on our families and their predatory luring of children into their twisted way of life….were sex perv who run the streets, molest, and have rights after they get caught, drug dealers selling to our kids, and children sell kids for sex???

The answer is simple, the return of man, we are going to have to take back, for a while anyway, with the co-operation with our women, society and put it back where it belongs, the traditional family.

We have been watching, we have been gathering information on why our society “we” build with our blood is falling apart and we have decided to take action..Not talking about civil war, uprising, or street battles with cops… not necessary.

We are vet, soldiers, workers, and yes-even cops….we are fathers and we have had…enough. We can change thing, not in year’s times, but over night, because we are men, we do not wear pink shirts, we do not refer to ourselves as feminized men, we do not approve of the feminist agenda and neither do we approve of their gay allies teaching kindergarten kids about their way of life. To fringing early and it smells of indoctrination.

Do we want women in the kitchen, barefoot, washing dishes, pregnant, preferably boys, of course not, we have daughters, and the worse nightmare for a father is to see his daughter sub-serviant to a man that way…So the perception the manless hag feminist tries so hard to push is nothing other than bullshit.

We will “impose” our will of a just society, women will walk beside a man, equal, not in front, nor behind, but side by side, the way it was meant to be, our children will be the families responsibility, not the property of the state and their twisted social programs, and if any of them tries to destroy, attack, demonize any member of the traditional family they will have to answer to….us.. We are the keepers of stability and peace, we have paid this price with our blood throughout history and we are not about to give it to hate filled sub-intellectual humans.

We, men, fathers, husbands are watching you and your time is…limited. Your system is bankrupt, your markets are depleted, what you have created cannot be sustained, the weak minded you have installed into power have spent so much they have ruined the economy, there is only one thing left to do….run, run away and never return.

Not convinced things are about to change? Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, Ireland, Iceland, and a 15 trillion dollard unpayable dept, the american family in 1997 was had a worth of 125,000, in 2011 they have a worth of 77,000, that people is a crash, that is a fall or 40%...

When the system falls...we will rise...and children will again be allowed to be children.

I AM SO FUCKING PISSED ABOUT THIS STORY...again, I do not blame the 15 y old girls in all this, but those who thought them how to do it...
The feminist and their allies.

This is what a feminist looks like. This is what a feminist is. A predator.



Twenty said...

... women will walk beside a man, equal, not in front, nor behind, but side by side, the way it was meant to be ...

So, you're a feminist then.

Men lead, women follow, get over it.

Anonymous said...

You keep going Mr Canadian Native.

Expose these corrupt money guzzling feminist pigs for what they are-child abuser's.

There is a special place in hell for each and every one of them for their abuses against humanity.


Anonymous said...

I see the Post is trying to find men to blame.



Marie said...

OMG, I had to laugh when I saw the first comment calling u a feminist. But u keep writing because I love the respect u show women, always refering that you do not want your daughters to be anything other than what they want to be. No one should follow, we should all walk side by side. When someone follows that persons gifts are not fully expressed and we all loose.

Jackson said...

I have 3 daughters and I think of their future the same way you do, and I agree something has to be done, and we are the only one capable, fathers. As for the 2 girls in this story, they learned this is schools, their surroundings, and by watching others. If dad was allowed to be around it would not of hapened.

The Native Canadian said...

LOL...Twenty, I have been called a lot of things lately, but a feminist, thats a new one...again, as a father myself of 2 beautifull daughters, I dont want them to follow or lead, I want them to express and let others express, and be what "they" wish to be, not what others want them to be.
I got over it a long time ago.

The Native Canadian said...

I don’t think even hell would want these old hags, to insecure, I can just see it, bitching about no women in a position of power in hell…lol.
ur right outdoors, the feminists in the national post stories refuse to accept they are to blame. (To them all men are bad, so we must be behind this).They open all subjects to children in schools, and expect no repercussions. Take away the discipline of dads, and the morals of the traditional family and this is what happens.

The Native Canadian said...

Thanks for the good words Marie

The Native Canadian said...

Agreed Jackson.

Anonymous said...

My daughter told me yesterday that her school wants to teach sex-ed to the grade one's.

Can the left wing nut-bars just not let the kid's be kid's?


The Native Canadian said...

Gr 1, now that is disgusting and..indoctrination.
They never will stop, their primary goal is to infest our society with their twisted ideals of what a society should be..the hatred of traditional family, which includes dads, dont forget the conservative moral values is protected and defended by fathers, destroy the paternal image, and when then push the idea that all women are victims, and you have a dependent society, increase of political power, inflated salaries,but they have realized that if they target kids in schools, they will increase their power base in the future, what they have not realize because of the sub intelectual capacity is...dad..men..as i have said, we have been genetically engineered to be the defenders of freedom, they created us this way since the first civilisation, this cannot be undone and when we decide we have had enough, it will not take a majority, just a few who are enraged, history shows whenever there is a revolution, 20% of a population of men can make changes. And there is a hell of a lot more than 20% of men who are enraged at all this. In my honest opinion, targeting kids for their twisted political gains is the worse mistake they have ever made.

Allison said...

I keep on asking myself, "what in Gods name is going on". Then; sex ed to gr 1, no wonder these two knew how to sell sex instead of playing with make up and dolls.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that my daughter is pro-dad and pro-family.

She wonders why it is wrong for a mother to stay home and raise her children.

I believe she will be a true anti-feminist in the future.