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Monday, June 25, 2012

Local issue Part 2, More on carleton place interval house and its propaganda arm the emc.

Interval House faces projected deficit, Sustainable funding sought
With the previous post, exposing how much funding this specific shelter gets, and it's government hand outs, I am a little confused at how this shelter could spit out such MOO SHIT, saying they can't feed people over there.
But OK, here is my suggestion, stop wasting money by using teen girls as a source of funding, stop "coaching" these girls to turn on their parents, stop pandering to teen rebellion to further funding, stop promoting custody battle between fathers and mothers as a form of abuse, stop women from using shelters as a tool for said custody against their husbands, reduce inflated salaries to the staff, stop using your feminists girlfriends from the local police to threaten parents if they object to your manipulation of their children.
Use to money local businesses give you to buy food and towels, stop the staff from traveling to schools and all over the place, prevent all of the above and this shelter will be swimming in money.
Anyway, demonizing parents, venomous attacks on anything dad's, is wasting money, not only that but every time they do it, they reduce their support.
Fire erin lee todd and her parent demonizing staff, replace them with people such as erin pizzey and the shelter system will return to it's original mandate, to help, instead of been used as a political and personal little tool for pats on the back of the corrupt.
SIMPLE? Stop lying on statistics, local media should expose corruption not promote it, and all will work out just fine.
My previous post deals with how many local businesses give money to this corrupt shelter, and they get 1.4 million a year from the provincial government, not to mention federally, ministry on the status of women, and they can't buy towels and food????
The province of ontario is on the edge of bankruptcy, and the social programs are whining about the lack of funding? They are the main causes of teen pregnancy in the area, drug abuse, welfare on demand, anti parent policies, and we are supposed to feel bad and give them more money for them to continue their policies????
I think we all support the social programs, we do not want the single parent and the kids to be homeless, the disabled to be thrown away, or the elderly to chose between food or medicine, so if we get rid of the corruption, support the parents instead of demonizing them, our society would be better off, and the programs will return to the mandate they were originally created for.
I would say to the propaganda arm of the interval house the emc, and to erin lee todd, director of this shelter, with all the money this shelter gets from the  different arms of this countries governments and the local businesses, how come this shelter is running out of food and towels? The reality of this report above, is that they are playing to the ones who are uninformed about their policy, and they are using this sad story to get more...money. The more money this shelter gets the more teen girls they will put on welfare and the more families they will destroy.


Robin said...

I live in Almonte,me and my husband was thinking of moving to smiths falls,researched online, found your site,decided to move to ottawa instead. Dont want to risk our kids. Yikes, what a bunch of.....

The Native Canadian said...

wise decision. Though there is one school who is pro-parent, the rest are not, and with the influence of the kids who are been used by the locals for funding, especially the drug abuse at st johns, they might influence your kids, a good parent has to look at all possibilities to protect, I did this, but was overwelmed by the corruption, I made the mistake of staying here. Good luck.