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Monday, June 25, 2012

Local issue Part 1, EMC newspaper, local businesses, all co-operate against parents in lanark county

Local newspaper, EMC,  the main deja moo award recipients, big supporter of anti family social programs such as welfare and woman's shelter in carleton place, (all fathers and husbands are bad, give us more money to promote this), is exposing businesses that support this policy...so be it...
So will I...
Businesses who support the idea that welfare is a way of life, and the local woman's shelter in carleton place ontario has the right to coach teen girls against parents, to get more funding from the government....teen pregnancy, teen drug abuse, alcoholism, teen crime, teen alienation from parents...smiths falls homelessness.
the Train Station Visitors Centre on Coleman Street in Carleton Place as well as at Vickie's Specialty Shop on Main Street in Smiths Falls, The Running Goat on Foster Street in Perth, Doree's Habit in Almonte and Merrickville, Art Mad on Main Street in Stittsville, and Tivoli Florists in Westboro and the Byward Market. And especially royal legage, obviously, by helping them get more money they approve of their policy of targeting teenage girls for financial gains. But I am not the only one who thinks royal legage is promoting falsehoods...and propaganda worthy of josef goebells...

One of the big reason there is local homeless "children" in smiths falls is lack of jobs, easy access to drugs, parental demonization by the local social programs, i.e.; womens shelter, ontario works, open doors, the emc's co-operation with these corrupt organisations, local businesses providing funds to continue their policies,....

The local newspaper know damn well there is a problem, I have sent emails "with proof" that this was an open policy on the part of the social programs, obviously, the staff there refuses to expose the truth in fear of offending their golf buddies, either that or we are dealing with corruption deeper than anticipated. Promoting corruption increases the problem.
Notice at the end of this report, "Thank you for supporting the shelter and abused women and their children! Please let your friends, family and coworkers know?"
 How can anyone support the waste of funds when they "coach" women and children against the husbands and fathers, how pray tell does that help women and children????????

I have another woman and her children to interview, she was there when my "underage"  daughter was there, this should be interesting.

This is what happens when we left a sub-intellectual intelligence run social programs...

Why am I so pissed, again, I had a talk with my daughter, and she told me they coached her, but what is the most disgusting thing she told me, after I fought back, they told her "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter this much". We all know what they tried to "plant" with that crap...Bad mistake on these old hags part (local womens shelter and welfare)....By "coaching" my daughter and others to falsely accuse, this is against the law and it makes them a criminal organisation. Were is the local cops in all this? Oh ya, if parents decide to fight back, the parent is threatened.
(many local parents have experienced this.)

This is what I mean by sub-intellectuals intelligence, they actually thought she took their side and never realised, because of their stupidity that one day...she would tell me everything.
She might of been lured into saying something wrong against me, but she is still my daughter.
Dumb idiots.
And because of what they tried to plant in my child's mind about me loving her...I will never stop  until I take their power away to spit out their venomous message against loving fathers and husbands..

It will be a cold day in HELL I allow what they did to me, to be done to other families...(Especially Fathers)

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Anonymous said...

"She might of been lured into saying something wrong against me, but she is still my daughter."

Damn right!