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Friday, June 29, 2012

Indoctrination of children. oral sex demonstration in schools, Tennessee puts an end to it..

A new law banning explicit sex education, spearheaded after an anti-AIDS group two years ago demonstrated oral sex on anatomical models in front of high schoolers, took effect in Tennessee this week.
The law emerged after one Nashville parent in 2010 learned his 17-year-old daughter’s class had seen the performance of “safe” oral sex by the anti-AIDS group.
“It took me by surprise,” Rodrick Glover told The Tennessean at the time. “My daughter thought it was pornography.”
In response, the Tennessee gay news source Out and About targeted Glover as numbering among “fundamentalist bigots” who oppose the methods.
Leaders from both the abortion and the gay rights lobbies opposed the measure, or the impetus behind it.

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So, if as parents we oppose their indoctrination of our kids in their "lifestyle" we are bigots???
Why is it, gay sex is taking precedence in schools over traditional family life?
We would not agree to traditional man and woman sex demonstrations in schools, we surely will not agree to this...smut. It is by all definition,pornography.
We have to have faith, as our grandparents did, in the evolution of traditional family life, opening this type of education to children as if it is a pass time, opens other experimentation without control to teens, like drugs, and alcohol, ending up in uncontrolled behaviour as teens search for their place in life. Traditional behaviour is pushed aside by self promoting organisation and those who lose is not only the family, but the stability of a nation.

We got to where we are without sex ed in schools, the birds and the bees was always thought at home, by parents, and it seem to have worked better than what we have today.

This is indoctrination into a lifestyle, it is promotion aimed towards our kids, and I am glad to see politicians are now recognizing who is the majority, who carries the most votes and who is eventually responsible for the education of our children, if they love their position they better continue.

Surprise surprise, the feminist controlled abortion lobby co-operating with the gay lobby....

Still do not believe they target our children...ok...

Gay indoctrination of children continues and grows. Who are the primary eaters of Oreo's? Yep. Kids. Get 'em young and you got 'em. Shame on Kraft.

Indoctrination of our kids....
Feminists in schools;
Have sex, don't worry if you get pregnant we are here, come and visit our abortion clinics.
Gays in schools;
this is how to have oral sex.

Teaching of children.
The traditional family values; there is a place and a time, and when the time comes, we will have that talk. In the meantime, enjoy your childhood.

Your choice, speak up.

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