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Friday, June 22, 2012

In Lanark county, social program, local newspaper, all have one thing in common, targeting teens for profits.

Recent stories in local emc newspaper...emc

Youth homeless program proposed for Smiths Falls caused by local social programs

Garage sale brings in funds for Interval House Shelter's known policy; coaching false allegation against parents, husbands, fathers.

Homeless youth are often victims of abuse BS; Youth are homeless because they don't want to follow their parent's rules.

Dispelling myths of youth homelessness Another misguided report on myths; Myth #1: Homeless youth are lazy and should just go get a job. They would not be lazy if local social programs would not lure them away from the guidance of parents with a welfare check at a young age.

Teens need right addiction programs at right time
"They are either our future taxpayers or welfare recipients," said Glenn Barnes, president and CEO of the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre,
This report you would think has good ideas but the thing I found is, the blame on the parents, again. Were does it say, welfare and social programs are to easily accessible for rebellious teens, giving no incentives to listen to parents and these programs make it harder on the parent to guide the child in the right direction. These programs are the reason in the increase in drug abuse, not the parent...I am also suspicious of any organisation who claim 40% success rate, I have seen to many manipulation of statistics, especially at the local corrupt shelter, welfare to believe these result.

Lanark County housing and homelessness plan a process that will happen over several years
"In Lanark County many of the folks working in our local governments really do care about the communities and people they serve. They have the impossible task of trying to figure out the best way to meet the needs of our county with the always inadequate funding".
This is a good one, they care????? If they cared they would no demonize parents to further their funding and increase the workforce inside these programs.
Notice most of these reports blame the parents....
So if they care then why this?????

My daughter was put on welfare underage with help from these people, 6 months away from college, a scholarship and a job. when I fought back, I was threatened by cops and the same social programs. She was told to use the word abuse by the local women's shelter, after I refused to sign for her to be on welfare. They coached her to say I had locked her in the basement, (notice this same false accusation on the next one, this one seems to be the favorite at this specific shelter.)

Peter, comes home from work, family gone, finds out she is at the local shelter in carleton place, he is accused of financial abuse, locked his wife in closet, no investigation, the result he has to see his kids supervised.

Lynn, a local mother, her underage son was rebellious, she asked for help, got blamed by local police, lost her son to the welfare life.

Sherry, asked the local teen help anti parent organization, open doors for help,she was blamed in front of her son, made things worse for a while, was put on welfare, but son eventually came back after a few years..

Amanda, 16  years old, rebellious, pregnant, goes to welfare, mother will not sign, wants her home and in school, welfare worker coaches her to say abuse, tell her once this is done mom cannot say anything. Now 22 years old she told me she regrets deeply what she did.

Mandy, 26 years old, 7 kids, multiple father, left home at 15, life on welfare, housing, this one is a multiple story in lanark county, there is many more. Teen girls targeted by local social programs to increase their funding. Have more kids, bigger welfare check.

Now, with these stories I put up here, all true, and this is just what I investigted, how much waste of taxpayers money could of went to those who genuinely needed the help, with real problems but were turned away?
And this is just me, imagine the waste, the others we do not hear about, million upon millions wasted for personal benefit of the corrupt at the expense of our children, our families.

This is part of my investigation into the social programs, this is the results soon to be sent to every frigin member of parliament and legislature. This is what the results are when the local media does not do its job, the social programs look at our children as a source for funding, homelessness, drug abuse, lack of education, pressure on the taxpayer, a lost generation.
and why, because parents are bad, fathers and husbands are automatically abusive, women are told they are permanent victims of men, and children are generated into false statistics for corrupt people to promote job growth in the industry of the social programs and an ideal group to further funding and inflated salaries.

Who is left behind, the parent, and especially in our society, the father, we are not allowed to care, cherish, love.
That is what the truth is in smiths falls, lanark county, ontario, canada. The local newspaper, the emc and its staff, is co-operating with this, promoting them instead of exposing the truth.

Though this is a local issue, keep in mind, today on cnn, an older journalists, talking about 40 years after Watergate, said; "Today, there is no more investigative journalism, the obama administration is as aggressive in suppressing the media as bush was...the younger generation of journalist are so lazy, or scared, they depend on the government for their information, without an investigation into what they say, it gives governments and their bureaucracy a free hand to do whatever they want".
This is the same thing the local media does, it does not investigate in fear of offending their friends in local government and the corrupt bureaucracy, and this is happening everywhere now. The only real info we can now depend on, is the web, blogs, personal pages, if one offers links and detailed info into what they say, then the blog is all that is left in freedom of the press...sad situation.

Nobody wins in this scenario, nobody, especially our children, they do not have a chance, when they are targeted for funding and personal power.


Anonymous said...

Love this site. I live in lanark, and I always look forward to your posts, informative and real.

Karen said...

I have no doubt in my mind, they r targeting teens, we see it all the time in this area.

Anonymous said...

The same shit happening in Dryden Ont..

The c.a.f.s. are outright liars and the feminist regime rules the roost.

Fatherhood is heavily frowned upon and these people get their kicks from destroying father's and children.

Like some kind of twisted fucked up entertainment for them.


The Native Canadian said...

Got it right on, demonizing fathers takes away the balance of the family and reduces society to what it has become now...dependant on the state. All because of the hags who call themselves feminists.