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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Husband Turns Tables On Wife With Recordings Of Her False Allegations Of...

Remember when feminists say, women do not make false accusations?
A camera can be very useful nowadays to expose the bullshit they spit out there.
Now, think about this, this blog which I have exposed so many false accusations by local feminists, "coaching" women and teen girls at the local women's shelter and the welfare office, how many other accusations are "invented" for custody purposes, or financial gains.
And how much funding has been wasted.
In a shelter for instance, false accusations against husbands and fathers is so rampant, I would say over 50% of those in these shelters lie about their situation, usually for custody issues or financial, taking needed funds from those who do need it.
and who suffers, children, taken away from their loving fathers.
This is not a man's issue only, when false accusations are made, with the help of the justice system, women's shelters, and others, a child cries out : "Were is my daddy".
And when a child cries, due to avoidable circumstances, we all fail.

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