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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Freedom of the press. A forgotten ideal?

So important is a free press, it prevents the growth of tyranny, it smashes corruption and ensures the freedom of the people.

So dangerous is a complacent press, it promotes the growth of tyranny, it encourages corruption, and takes away the freedom of the people.

Complacent: satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are;”

A voting public is only effective as an INFORMED populace.

In this regard the corporate news media is failing us miserably,
largely in part to their arrogance and willingness to deliberately
keep us UNINFORMED on many important subjects.

With the destruction of the family unit by the feministas, their gay allies and the media, the social programs we fought so hard to implement to help those who needed it, is quickly become a tool for the corrupt.

Examples; Where I live, the local media, the Emc and the recorder, have never, let me repeat, “NEVER”, confronted what is happening here. According to them, business is good, those who run the social programs need more money, and local governments are to be praised.

Yet, the downtown area is a business ghost town, the social programs thrive on putting as many teens on welfare as possible, with the local women’s shelter in the forefront, some schools are so anti parent, that when we deal with a rebellious teen, we have automatically lost them, they are lured away from the home and given a welfare check by the corrupt. And when the local social programs are done with them, sorry your no longer a teen, your an adult and we do not care, hence the increase local homelessness.

We have so many teenage girls on welfare and in housing, it is becoming an epidemic, they pop out so many kids, this place should be called bunny land. If our country would depend on making kids on welfare, this would be the perfect place to look up to. Teens do not have kids here, they have litters.

I talked to another parent yesterday, the parallels to what they did to me was the same. A rebellious son, police involved, parent blamed, teen with a big smile in the background, another one on welfare. I have interviewed so many parents with the same story it is ridiculous.

By demonizing husbands, fathers, men, families, these people have created a situation that is “unsustainable”. We are competing with them for our kids, we teach them to work hard, have discipline and they offer free money.

The more they put on the welfare system, the more taxes go up, the debt and deficit increases; the less buying power for the taxpayer, the less product he buys; the less products he or she buys the less manufacturing jobs; the less jobs, the less taxpayers, the more taxes have to go up for those who do work to sustain this policy; and we are back to the beginning of this vicious circle…Unsustanability.

All this is happening because of the degradation of the family, the demonizing of the fathers and mothers by schools, the policies of putting as many people on welfare as possible to increase the workforce, lobbying power, of the people who run these programs, and who is suffering in all this, our children. We have generational welfare, in some families, you see grandparents on welfare, their kids, and grandkids, and it is now seen as a way of life.

I have nothing against a well run social program, it is supposed to be there to help those in need get back on their feet, it is not to be used as the feministas use it for, to get custody of the children from the fathers by promoting and coaching false accusations, it is not to be used as a way of life, and a responsible person should never make kids like a rabbit just to get a bigger welfare check.

Therefore, the media is to blame, if they would do their job, instead of trying not to offend those they play golf with, then all this would repair itself, the people would be informed and vote in those who know what has to be done.

I have never tried to promote one side or the other of the political landscape, but, if I was of the left wing persuasion, I would be worried, the corruption of these programs are undermining everything the left stands for, and it is their fault, because by saying nothing they are letting this happen and in the long run, as I said, it is unsustainable. People, parents are angry, and when it turns to rage, will there be someone who will stand up and say “I will fix everything”, just like an Austrian did in 1933 in a country called Germany. The danger of this hapening again is there.

Let me say this, as men, we are not victims, we will sit back for a while, we will not cause trouble, and then one day, as we are tired of seeing our families suffer, we will stand up and take a stand, and when this happens, all hell will break loose…it is historical, it has happened before and will happen again.

To the feministas, you cannot change this, you cannot feminize us, and you cannot change what is a genetic identity, an imprint on our personality. I strongly suggest you go away, before we make you leave…It is not “if” it will happen, it is “when”.


Anonymous said...

smiths falls the shit hole of canada.

Karen said...

thats why we call it shit falls, do not bring ur kids here, do not think about moving here, they will learn about drugs in schools.

Anonymous said...

News outlets like the lesbian feminist controlled CBC promote the left wing agenda and silence any and all disenting comment's to their looney left ideology.

Truth is forbid to the public and censored.

The abuses against father's & family are ignored and promoted.


The Native Canadian said...

well put outdoors. Was listening to cnn today, talking about 40 years after watergate, the investigative journalist of the time said; the problem with today is there is no more investigation by journalists, they depend on the very people who are responsible for supressing the media for their reports...the obama administration is as aggressive to curb the media as bush was...