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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Expectant mother badgered by pro-abortion co-workers to abort wanted baby

"Pressuring women to have an abortion is not limited to sexual abusers, manipulative husbands, and outraged relatives. One young professional is complaining that her co-workers are continually badgering her to abort her wanted unborn child, because it will interfere with her career. "

It use to be, it was all men's fault, according to the feminist.
The typical feminist will tell you all women are victims, well seems that, in a weird way this is true, but women have become the victim of the radical feminist. Pressure to be what we are not, pressure to be just like men, pressure not to look at been a house wife, pressure not to have children, so on, it does not end.
Been a woman is difficult enough, bearing children is difficult enough, been a mother is difficult enough, without been pressured by those who are supposed to support you to be someone your not.

Been a woman and been a feminist, does not meet, it has now become us and them, the majority of women no longer identify themselves with feminism and those that do, the majority of them are uninformed at what the leadership represents and when they do get the full picture, they separate themselves from such abnormal behaviour.

On a personal note, I,as a woman, never paid much attention at what feminism represented when I was younger, it just was not my cup of tea, but when they attacked my friend of 35 years, a man I knew to be honorable and a loving father, I decided to look deeper, and found what amounts to evil and manipulative for personal and financial power at the expense of families. I began putting two and two together, lack of a father figure, lack of moral values, loss of hope for children's future all thought in schools, television and when children are under such pressure, their rebellious nature is amplified. If a teen is told his or her parents are abusive by those who see them as a product for financial benefit then, you offer them a way not to talk to mom and dad, and it alienates the teen even further. I think the worse thing we ever came up with is teen help organisations, though it might of been a good idea, without the organisations co-operation with the parents, they provide a wider wedge between the teen and the parents. This creates teen pregnancy, teen crime, drug abuse, homelessness, all because someone down the line decided that parental discipline of any kind was abusive.

So, feminism and womanhood, does not meet, one and the other are totally incompatible.

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