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Monday, June 18, 2012

Begining of the end of radical feminism.

Notice the ones holding the banner, the next generation, young ladies who do not subscribe to the idea of radical feminism that their fathers are born evil. They are the future and the destruction of feminism.

New generation, no fear in changing things.

Radical feminism.

I have said it before,I noticed online, many of the next generation of young ladies have had enough of the radical message,(see below), that their fathers are all bad, and that they should consider themselves permanent victims of their father, husbands, boyfriends, sons and brothers....

Though there are still some who look at feminism, once they are fully informed with time, they turn the other way.


Anonymous said...

I have a few daughters, they say the same thing, no way they agree with anything these hate filled wannabees try to push.

Mike said...

cant come to fast enough.

Anna said...

I know one those women, works at the local shelter, the one with the name todd, she went to a local school, staff forced the students in the gym to listen to her crap, my daughter was so insulted, told me, mom, the only thing I could think of is dad, she kept on refering to men as abusers, always men, she hates men, out of respect for dad I walked out.
So I put in a complaint to the school.

The Native Canadian said...

You thought your daughter well, and you should be congradulated. I am glad to see the younger generation not putting up with the venom they push against fathers and parents for that matter.