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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The real victims of rape, for women and men.

If a rape is genuine, there is a real victim, often with secondary injuries from the assault, and what is often worse, permanent psychological damage: post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, a lifelong suspicion of men...
But false reports have victims too, unnecessary police investigations, because precious time and resources are diverted to wild goose chases that leaves other, perhaps even more dangerous criminals at large.
And not infrequently an innocent man is left sitting in a police cell for hours or sometimes in a prison cell for considerably longer, his reputation forever destroyed even if he is eventually cleared.
Therefore, if you hear of a false rape accusation and do nothing to report it, you are creating more victims by your lack of action, the resource which could be allocated to a real crime, the man who is sitting in jail, his children, his reputation...so on.
All because it does not concern you or you do not have the time to do what is right.


Anonymous said...

thats what i like about ur site, u look at both sides.

Mary said...

so true