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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Domestic Violence women's shelter industry, inflated salaries, lax oversight and failing victim support services

I have been saying it for years, exposing our local corrupt shelter in Carleton place Ontario, targeting teen girls,. falsifying domestic abuse statistics, "coaching" against fathers and husbands, putting teen girls on welfare in a local rooming house, were the woman can control the welfare checks since these girls are underage, oh ya, I investigated and found massive corruption at the expense of women and young girls. 1.4 million to run a small house in Carleton place, where is the rest going? Salaries and travels? Not to mention the donations they get yearly, I could run 3 house with that money, and those who do need the help, counseling, get the bare minimum..
I am glad to see some in north America are taking notice...
You old hags are on the loosing end...the whole system, one way or another will be exposed.

Ask your m.p , m.p.p. for oversight and an explanation on were the money is going, to offer "real" help, instead of the industry been used as a personal tool, for the corrupt.
Again, 1.4 million a year, donations and one little house....many well fed staff....who does that help when we say...nothing.


Allison said...

Self importance is always part corruption. They help alright, help themselves to the money.

Anonymous said...

anytime you have organisations such as shelters and cas free to do what they want you will have corruption, its human nature, and those who pay the price are children.

Alexis Moore said...

The problem is widespread in the US that is why the movement known as DV Reform -domestic violence victim resource and public policy reform was launched by Survivors In Action in 2009.

Billions in funding is allocated to DV agencies that do not provide direct support to victims only endless referrals to hotlines.

NNEDV executive Sue Else made nearly 1 million in salary in less than 3 years and yet her agency NNEDV provides no direct support to victims- and funding --precious funding continues to be allocated to agencies and individuals that provide NO direct support to victims.

We encourage Canadians to explore this problem and enact oversight and accountability measures now before it is to late.

-Alexis Moore
Survivors In Action

The Native Canadian said...

Thanks Alexis, the only accountability we have in canada seems to be the internet, in my experience, local news media co-operates with coruption and refuses to publish the truth, I have exposed many, yet the same story comes out of the local paper all the time...how great these people are...so...next step, freedom of information and expose how much they make, spend on themselves compare to the individual they are supposed to help..how much u want to bet, they spend more on themselves than those they are hired to help? The victim in this country has become second to their salaries and increase leeching on the taxpayer.