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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Regional Emc smiths Falls at it..again. Reporting falsehoods and inaccuracies for the benefit of their masters. RE: Youth homelessness.

Dispelling myths of youth homelessness EMC's report. And it is in their lifestyle page, welfare on demand for teens, a lifestyle????? I rest my case....In their report they have cute statistics of youth been homeless and still working, not true. homeless means living on the streets. In lanark county teens go from friends to friends, or local shelter who will help them get welfare and therefore be on their statistics for next years funding, or go to Ontario works and encouraged to have more kids for bigger checks, that is what is going on in lanark county. With these types of policies, a teen in full rebellious mode, stands no chance at a productive future, welfare on demand for those who do not like house rules is in full swing in this area. There was a time when parents could handle a rebellious teen, the worse we got was "my parents try to control me, but I still love them", but now a days it's "your parents will not sign for you to be on welfare, so just say they abused you and there is nothing they can do". Hence another teen is dependant for life, another vote for the social programs,  and increase numbers for next years funding.

None of this has any sense or reality, the local paper, emc, now has become nothing other than a propaganda tool for the local corruption, especially on the targeting of teenagers for increase workforce and funding for the local social programs. This report is so out of reality it is actually funny, and one cannot take such....BS, seriously if your a parent.
The welfare on demand for teens in this county, the demonizing of parents, schools brainwashing of children against moms and dads, is the REAL reason for youth homelessness, rebellion, and the loss of a generation.
Mom and Dad wants children to work hard especially at school, so they can have a good future, better than they had. This has always been the primary ideal of parents, but wait, here comes the media, social programs and schools of Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington county, "MOM AND DAD ARE WRONG AND ABUSING YOU FOR FORCING YOU TO GO TO COLLEGE". What is the result of such a policy, increase welfare roles, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and...homelessness........and let's not say, this blog does not tell the truth, it does produces jobs in the county, more counselors at the local open doors, (a teen help anti parent organisation), more workers for the local welfare office (just say ur parents abused you,and we will give u a check), more staff for our local women's shelter (with a self serving anti parent staff which coaches teen girls to turn on good parents).

And just for the hell of it, the local catholic school in Perth Ontario, (st john's), is more anti parent than the public school, I have talk to other parent's kids and the girls say half the boys there claim they are gay (so this gay thing in school is...a fad???)....some have even claimed they are promoting or openly talking about abortions. On the other hand, the public school will do everything to involve the parent if a teen is rebellious...the Catholic school in Perth will call the police on you if you ask them to co-operate...So, explain to me why we are funding a catholic school board in Ontario again?????

Here is what's really going on: Since this newspaper gets a good share of its revenue from local governments, I guess "do not bite the hand that feeds you" comes into play.
Never mind they know the threats parents go through (the editor has been contacted) if they fight back against "welfare on demand", or lack of education because schools are demonizing traditional families, or local women's shelter and outside supporters target teenage girls, it matters not to them, the truth, and reporting it, has taken a back step.
I mean, if they expose such corruption, who are they going to go golfing with tomorrow, right.
We need a "real" media in lanark county, not one that takes its policies from the Josef Goebbels school of propaganda.

For anyone that's not paying attention...When Adolph Hitler took power in Germany he also took over the media, and he used it to shape a modern, civilized country to his ends. Although they do not YET have full control of the media, they do have a vast majority of them working to spread their propaganda.

Perhaps the most famous holocaust picture of all-time...and it is because the German media did..nothing., co-operated, and supported. When the media of a nation looks away...well...

Remember, it all began the same way we do things, democratic elections, hindenburg vs hitler, parliamentary elections, nazi party vs, social democrats, free press, so on.

How did they achieve power, someone let society break apart, and one person said to a tired populace, "I CAN FIX EVERYTHING". And the rest is...history.

Now tell me the populace of the western world is not tired of what is going on...the state, schools, social programs claiming they co-parent with us, our kids running wild and been used, students in the streets, economic collapse....
Right now we have no leaders with the balls to say, we are in trouble, what happens if one says, "I CAN FIX EVERYTHING".. are we going to follow...again?


John said...

Wow, right on, this is a powerful warning. Love your site. To the point.

Sherry said...

I live in lanark, smiths falls, and everything on this web page is real and true, we are loosing our kids to welfare, young girls with 4 to 5 kids, 3 to 4 different dads,babies pushing baby strollers, have more kids bigger welfare checks. I am a mom, problem with son, school non cooperative, welfare, tried to talk to them, police at my door, now son doing drugs, somewere. No one wanted to help, every organisation blamed me and my husband, why?
I want to thank this site for exposing the truth, and local paper emc,emc,emc,emc,is as usefull as shit, also tried to talk to the editor, we were ignored.

The Native Canadian said...

totally agree with you Sherry, parents are been pushed asside, replaced by corrupt socialprograms and their supporter, twisted ideals of power and money at the expense of our kids...Thanks for the comment and I have no intentions of stoping to expose the corruption in lanark county.

Anonymous said...

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