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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our education system, infested with radicalism.

What system promotes, "we are all the same" and went bankrupt?
Compared to the system who promoted, " be the best you can be".
Our way might not be perfect, but it does give us the chance to advance and give to our families the good life.
The education system in co-operation with the social programs of today is full of people who "impose" their personal belief on children.
The tradition family offers a path, a direction, and when the child grows, and has reached that fork in the road were the parents lets go of the hand of the child, whether they go left or right is their choices, but at least they have the knowledge and wisdom of mom, dad, family to guide them.
When the education system got involve in what was the domain of the family, the children got so messed up and confused, suicide rates went up amongst teens...
Ontario's education system

In my experiences, which I have exposed here, this school, a catholic school at that, run by a weak minded principal and a venomous anti-parent vice principal is just the tip of the iceberg.
In my opinion, and thousands of parents who have expressed the same opinions as us, there is a concerted effort out there, by unelected people who have one twisted policy in mind, to overthrow the parents as the primary caregivers of children, to throw out the moral values of the family, to destroy the traditional family.
And this is not just a local issue, in Canada, every province is falling to this poison. I live in Ontario, this picture was from a anti child protection web site from Quebec.

2003 - 2013
Victims of the government of Quebec.
Child protection
Rights of the Parents
The true mission of this organisation has greatly changed.

Parents are experiencing this attitudes towards them and their kids in every province of Canada.

If they succeed, then our kids will be more dependant on them, increasing their workforce, their political power, their salaries, and their lobbying power, at our kids expense.
It does not stop there, these low lives, (my description of people who uses children for their ideals) have infiltrated all aspect of our society, politics, schools, social programs, and my favorite "all men are bad, all women are victims, womens shelters", help groups for teens (open doors), teen help lines, even the police forces.
These policies, as we have experienced, especially for the past decade, have produced more teen pregnancies, teen drug and alcohol abuse, teen crime, teen homelessness, and especially teen suicide are on the rise. This is our children killing themselves, why?
Because of the lack of guidance by the parents, the love and discipline of mom and dad is cherished by teens, even if it does not show at times. Teens use to say "my parents control me, but I love them anyway", we do not hear that anymore do we?
When this is taken away, when the parent is replaced, by those who know nothing of the working of the home, you have anarchy.
Depending on those who profess to know more than mom and dad is the mistake, what is missing is the love and compassion of the parents when talking to a teen.
Our children, no matter how difficult they can be, are our responsibility, going to a stranger for advice only re-enforces your teens rebellion, because you have just shown them your weakness and you have empowered them with the belief you cannot handle the situation, that they are stronger, and when this happens, you have lost them to the system and your troubles have just tripled. As a parent when you loose the argument with a teen, thanks to low lives who will use them for "their" benefit, you have lost your child.

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Allison said...

if parents do not start to realize a war is underway, then those who think it does not concern them will wake up someday to one hell of a surprise.