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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ottawa mayor again declares ‘Respect for Life Day’

One of the things the pro-choice feminist dominated lobby usually does not allow is the other sides views to be given the same rights.
But as of late, their views have been seen as imposing, if they want to be listen to, they must always accept the other side to express their opinions. But they do not.
This is why they are loosing support and the pro-life movement has been gaining ground.
People, through the Internet have been more informed on the potential dangers to women on getting abortions on demand, to themselves especially.
The increase in support for the pro-life movement has not fallen on deaf years by the politicians either, they know now, that pro-life is a voting block, becoming more numerous than the pro-choice.
Case in point; the Ottawa Maire, though pro choice has seem the potential politically for giving the right to life side of the equation, equal billing. If I can put it that way.
The mayor of Ottawa has again declared the occasion of the National March for Life as ‘Respect for Life Day’ in the capital city.
Of course, it does not make the other side happy, how dare he give the same rights to those people.
Even our children are making their voices heard....
slick, youthful rebranding’ ahead of March for Life
Young pro-lifers vow to give up something they enjoy Until Abortion Ends

In political terms, the power of the vote rules....and the pro life vote is becoming powerful enough, and can no longer be ignored.
It's a start.

And by the way here is an alternative to facebook, this way if you want to express yourself freely without getting banned....Prolifebook.com.

If this site was to be identified on which side it is, we would have to say we are...
Pro-child. Pro- Parent. Pro-family.
Just to let you know.


Anonymous said...

God bless.

Anonymous said...

they underestimated the internent and the way the youth are more informed these days, the "believe what we say" feminist message is no longer seen as relevant. And politicians, with they eyes on the votes, have noticed a switch.