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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington county corruption, Local corrupt women's shelter chooses money over needed help.

Our local  women’s shelter in Carleton place Ontario, directed by it’s anti parent, anti fathers, anti male staff, is at it again. In order to “save” money, they will close their sexual assault line, which is the most important one, but by law they have to call police and have an investigation if it is true or not, and save their crisis line, which does not require police calls and no investigation. What it means is, the crisis line callers can be added to their statistics, and hence get more money from the government, but where there is an investigation and if it is proven to be untrue, they cannot put it on their statistics. Though, I believe both lines are important and should be continued, the sexual assault line is by far the one that a women’s shelter is there for.

Here is a way to save money, fire erin lee todd, (I put the link there because of the irony of the title she holds so dear, Co-Chair of Social Justice and Action/Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression: What a joke, dare to show she made a mistake, and she sends the police at a parents door, a native woman who puts underage native girls on welfare and destroys their future....social justice??? anti racism???? anti oppression??? PLEASE

Like I said, fire this director who’s policy is to get more money from the taxpayer, by-passing the mandate to help, and stop putting teenage girls on welfare because they do not like house rules, stop destroying families for money, stop demonizing parents, stop demonizing fathers, stop coaching teenage girls to say “abuse” if the parent refuses to sign for their underage teens to be on welfare, get rid of this wasteful policy and those women who do need help and counselling can be provided with the needed help, the children will be well cared for, instead of been looked at as a statistic and support will be ongoing. Continue the destructive policy of the staff, to attack without proof and support will continue to fall.

If they do this, I would be the first to support such a policy, but under the “we can do anything we want” corrupt attitude of this specific shelter, the help the local women need is lacking.

At 1.4 million a year for such a small shelter, I do not understand why they would need to cut such an important program, which is the main reason for such an organisation to exist. And for the emc, the local newspaper to support, instead of telling the truth, is proof they will not investigate and publish anything they are told.

The emc smiths falls obviously supports this corrupt shelter, by promoting them all over their paper, (4 post for this week alone, which this is the first), they support destroying my daughter's future, they support putting underage teens on welfare, they support the demonizing of parents if they refuse to sign for underage teen girls to be put on welfare, they support the coaching of these teen girls to say abuse if the parent refuses to sign for their ":underage" teens to be put on the system, they support another native teen girl's future destroyed by a shelter who's director is native, and they support the idea that if the parent complains, then he or she can be harassed by the directors girlfriends at the local police.
On a few occasion I wrote and offered truth and proof of what this shelter did to my daughter, wrote to the editor,
Ryland Coyne, Managing Editor
613-283-3182 x142, rcoyne@perfprint.ca
and still he refuses to investigate or tell the truth, he keeps on preaching the good will and promotes financial support of their policies, since he and the staff does not want to do their job, so be it, if they will not do it, then I will…
My daughter's future was promising, they destroyed it by demonizing me to her, coached her to  say nasty stuff in order to put her on their statistics, but the thing i will never forget or forgive, they told her, "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter so much", which she "admitted" to me recently. Last time I checked, coaching or falsely accusing is a "criminal" act.
A corrupt system in lanark county is "NOT" allowed.
All the social programs co-operated with this destructive policy in lanark county, Ontario works, and lanark housing, which some of them knew me very well, and when I asked for help, they were no were to be found.
Here is a hint, when you "attack" a loving parent, a father, a man, expect hell....We are not going to take your crap anymore at the expense of our daughters...they are "not" a statistic.


Mary said...

wow, a shelter for women shuts down its sex assault line? to save money? you are right they are nutty over there, sexaul assault is the main reason we have these places to begin with.

The Native Canadian said...

crazy. Notice how small and insignificant the report was compare to the ones that promote more money? emc tried to hide it were no one can find it.

amanda said...

shutting the sex assault help? from a womans shelter,what else is going to hapen for money, its become women against women. I hate living in shit falls, nothing makes sense here.

Anonymous said...

i live in almonte, as a woman i am disgusted, to them its all about the money.

A woman from smith's falls said...

no support from me anymore, its obvious they are more interested in the money than helping women

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

I agree, if they r more interested in money than helping sexual abuse cases, then someting is wrong with them.

Anonymous said...

Well someone needs to pay for their over-inflated salaries.

The hell with needed help or the demand for it.


Roxanne said...

I fully agree with the last comment, inflated salaries dictate who they will help, at the expense of women. I have been reading for a while, as a woman, i fell I should apologize for what they did to you, it is disgusting,were the f... are the politicians who are supposed to protect family rights? I would hate to live in that county.

The Native Canadian said...

Thanks for the comments and support, means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

You're a wing nut with a personal vendetta and misguided information.
The women working at that shelter go way beyond the hours they are paid for in order to help their clients and the women young and old throughout this community. And all the women supporting this hatred should take a good look at your own motivations if you are so willing to blindly follow the ramblings of someone spitting such venom. seriously. shake your head.