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Monday, May 7, 2012

Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington county corruption, extends to the local media.

For as while I am going to concentrate on what is going on in this county where I live, it represent what we all are going through, and anyone fighting for the traditional family will be able to relate to this easily.

Now my favorite little corrupt organisation, carleton place ontario's women's shelter or interval house and it's "we can do anything we want to women and your kids" staff.
 I was reading this week's local propaganda for this shelter, the EMC, I found "4 reports" on the shelter and the good will work of it's native director, erin lee todd. No wonder she keeps on attacking me and local families to further funding, instead of helping women, (see last post on eliminating the sexual assault help line), she is been supported and patted on the back by the emc and its staff.
Why should this person and the staff stop putting teen girls on welfare, and demonizing fathers and husbands for money if the local paper is offering free advertisement and a propaganda tool for the "let's increase our statistics and get more money next year" shelter policy.

Like I said, in this weeks newspaper I found 4 reports on this shelter, which is extremely unusual, so I called my friend in the media in Ottawa and asked her, is this normal?
one Please sir, can I have more...money
two Sarah Bingham(pen name), local propaganda writer.
three this one is about getting rid of the sex assault line, the main reason a shelter exists in the first place. But unlike the crisis line wich does not require investigation and can be put in next years statistics for increase funding,the sexual assault line has to be investigated by the justice system, therefore does not bring in as much money if it is shown to be untruths.
four (could not find the report on the emc online page, not that it is that important, u can plainly see the date, friday the 26th.and the reference to the emc.) Todd is the "native" woman accepting the check with a smile, more money to destroy families.
My friend told me, "it is unusual, my guess would be they have been having bad publicity and the newspaper is trying to help them out".
Then I asked her, some of the links I have been putting on my posts have been deleted or disappeared.
Ex; This one which was about them targeting youths,
and this one. which had todd's email,you can see it is gone, which is fine, it is on another web site.
This one. Which was about bragging "Erin Lee-Todd, Co chair Social Justice and Action Committee of OAITH" I do not blame her for hidding this one, after all social justice does not exactly include putting teenage girls on welfare and sending her girlfriends at my door, simply because the parent "politely" asked for her to stop attacking and destroying his family. I guess that is her way of performing action, "no one has the right to dispute her way of doing things".
And this one, even ctv news took her off their site.
So, my friend in Ottawa said " they are trying to hide, make their web signature as small as possible, looks to me like your starting to get on their nerves".

Now all this makes my day...corruption is NOT allowed.

Again, why am I so pissed, it is not revenge, it is because as a parent who raised my child to be self suffitient, with love and dedication, this shelter and it's staff, said to my underage child, "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH A FATHER LOVING HIS DAUGHTER THIS MUCH".
The meaning of such a statement is obvious, I and you know exactly what they "tried" to plant in my daughter's head, disgusting animals.
So, the emc, which I have witten to it's editor but refuses to print the truth, Ryland Coyne, Managing Editor, 613-283-3182 x142, rcoyne@perfprint.ca
and the staff, except one, but he disappeared, surprise surprise, want to run this useless paper into the ground with propaganda worthy of josef goebells,“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."
So be it.
If they will not print the truth, I will...

As for royal lepage and valley granite and tile, I will go on the assumption, you did not know, but if I see more support, then you will be on this blog as a supporter of their policies.

1.4 million a year is more than enough, if they would stop attacking families unnecessarily, and help women in need instead of looking at them as a source for more funding, or wasting money on "coaching" underage teenage girls to turn against good parents.


Anonymous said...

Right on, expose them all, one at a time, especially the emc. I lost my job at stanleys, and a friend lost hers at hersheys, and this newspaper still aclaims the good work of the local governemnt. Drug city, kids having babys, crime, poverty, but according to the emc, all is good. Keep up the good work, will share.

Anonymous said...

im with you on this, some of the media have been cooperative for to long. 4 times in one days newspaper? I would say they are trying to help.Definetly a pro feminist anti men newspaper.

Anonymous said...

emc is no useless, the only reason they exist is because of the flyers. God forbit they tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

4 times, same story, same subject, ya i would say its propaganda.