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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Indoctrination of Canadian children by radical left wing teachers. A warning for the future of our kids and the nation.

Indoctrination at a young age, radical left is not the Canadian way, the center left, though silent, must know that if this continues, even they will be pushed aside.
There must be a stop in using children at this young age, when you see an eight year old talking about the pipeline, does she know what she is talking about or do you see the radical views of the teacher in her words.
Here is the stupidity and idiocy of radical teachers, less Canadian oil, which is needed not only in cars, the way the child in the video explained, but in everything we use, including...food.
Now reduce the oil production in Canada, and who is it going to benefit?
Let's take one, saudi arabia, cut hands off, stoning, oh and the radical feminists favorite, preventing women from driving, or walking down the street without a male escort, hiding part if not your whole face, the veil, the burka, honor killings...On and on and on...
So, let us, or shall we say the radical left wing, and useless man hating feminist "dictate to eight year old" in Canada, that our oil is bad and improve and support saudi domestic policies at the expense of women and girls.
And all this make sense to you??????????????????????

You might not like sun news but at least they have the balls (pardon my french), to expose the brainwashing of kids by those who "impose" their views on "our" children.
Sorry but this is just to young.

Now, to you who support this, you have kids? Do not tell me you do not want them to go to college, work hard, and be self sufficient, like I wanted for mine.
Mine learned in school, from the vice principal and the staff at  St- John's catholic high school in perth ontario, that I was wrong and there was another way, don't like house rules?
1- Listen to the teachers and vice principal, instead of your loving parent.
2- Get them to drive you to the local father hating women's shelter in carleton place.
3- They will show you how to get welfare your own place. The county's welfare office does what we say.
4- If your father does not want to sign for you to  be on welfare, because your underage, here is what you do....
5- Claim you have been abused, (locked in the basement is one of our favorites), it will break your fathers heart, but who cares.
6- If your father fights back, we will send cops at his door, and we will hint around "that there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter so much", that should shut him up, and stop anyone form helping him against us.
7- We will cause him so many problems, it will overpower him.
8- You will get welfare and housing underage.
9- You will be free to drink alcohol and experiment in drugs.
10-You can then, quit school, never mind college, do not bother to work, you will be another dependent person, we will abandon you to the world, and next year, we will get more money from the government, because we helped you destroy your future.
Oh ya, and when your old enough, don't forget to vote for those who will make you more dependent, we need your support, and do not forget what we did for you....

Now, left or right politically, mine is not an individual case, it is happening at an alarming rate,
Is this what you think society should be?
Is it not the parent who is the first and last word in the raising of "our kids".
Won't happen to you, your kids are to smart, GOOD FOR YOU....I am proud to know someone who is secure....
I use to think the same way, I realised to late, I was only one person against so many corrupt individual, backed by powerful established organisation, and now, instead of been a productive member of society as the artist she was, my sweet daughter is a....welfare recipient.

BUT....if you say nothing, work hard and have no time to look, to get involved, and you depend on them to do the right thing and don't see what they are teaching your kids, who will be left to help you......
Dependency on the system promotes, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, crime...and higher taxes...
So, tell me I am wrong.....but do not tell me you agree with "them". That would be...hypocritical.


Native American Women against feminism said...

Good one C. Excelent.
The personal experience with the political is always an eye opener.
You have a way of saying if they did it to me, what makes you so different. That is very important for people to realise they might be next, or their children.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment, been reading for a while, and i can feel the pain you r going through. It makes it more realistic and believable. Children should never bee used by adults, especially teachers, but seems that everything is on the table these days, even using kids. Watched the video, not crazy about sun news but they make a good point.

Mary said...

watched the video, sick, using kids to advance their crazy bullshit. as for the pipeline, not a good thing but less so than getting oil from saudi arabia were most of the 9/11 terrorists came from, were women are slaves.

Anonymous said...

good point, reduce oil production here, buy it from the saudis. Makes a lot of sense, doesnt it?

Anonymous said...

stupid left, nothing is sacred to them.

Sharron said...

thank for informing us, your fight for the traditional family and kids futur is commendable.
A friend guided me to your site, n I love it.