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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Feminists have proclaimed the family to be the seat of the oppression of women. “The best allies of men’s dominance have been, quite unwittingly, infants".

The mother of all lies
Feministas have  tried to make domestic life (including a husband) seem like a threat to women’s physical and psychological well-being.
Feministas philosophy;  A mother’s choice to stay home and raise her children is criminal, likening, home and family to a prison.
Women’s obsession with being the perfect mother destroyed feminism?  In particular, has this trend of ‘attachment parenting’ been bad for working moms?”

It's not enough they want husbands and fathers out of the way, but now...they are criticizing..."INFANTS".
“The best allies of men’s dominance have been, quite unwittingly, innocent infants.”

What has always been the feministas Achilles heel is when they take on motherhood, they are fighting a bear; it’s a fight they will always loose.

We will not listen to left wing radical feminista ideology,  men, women, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, we will reestablish the traditional family, as the main component to a stable nation and economic well being for our kids.

We have had enough of the attacks on our families through our children, in schools, women's shelters, social programs, we have had enough of their policies of increase funding by turning our kids against us, "good parents", we have had enough of the results of their meddling, producing teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, lack of education, parent alienation, demonizing loving fathers and husbands.

As fathers, we certainly do not want our daughters to be barefoot in the kitchen, and pregnant, we want them to achieve all that they can be, but for some reason, feministas produce more women without education and stuck at home, than fathers do, by targeting our daughters in schools, women's shelters and social program than they say we do. Now that is ironic.


Allison said...

Now they are after infants????

A mother, woman and a wife. said...

I am a mother, not a feminist, and proud, I mold the next generation to be self reliant and productive, for their families to come. I am a mother, and it is harder work than those who critisizes us. Love your site, keep it up.

Christine said...

This is crazy, acording to them, my babys keep me a prisoner???? My husband keeps me pregnant to control me....YAAAA RIIIIIGHT. They have no idea of what a real woman is, by the way I also work.

Anonymous said...

Feminist fascism at it's finest.


Faulkner said...

Now they are after infants????