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Monday, May 14, 2012

False Statistics by Feministas Lead to Hysteria In America and Canada

The leading cause of death for women is heart disease, followed by cancer, not domestic violence.
Even if the post refers to statistics in America, the same policy of misinformation exists here in Canada, and I for one, believes that misinformation disrupts and degrades the issue,  when feministas lie about the realities of our society, eventually people find out and no one believes what is said, hence support dies down and women who do need real help, do not receive it.
When false information is pushed there is only one reason the feministas do it, political and funding purposes.
To help those that need it, the truth is paramount, then we can deal with the problem and correct it with our sights on the issue.
For too long, the feministas have controlled the statistics without contradiction, if anyone said anything then we were anti women, or chauvinists, politicians courted these hags, looking for votes, everyone was afraid to expose their lies and twisted ideals in fear of been called names.
The support they do have is from uninformed people who believes anything out there or those who are looking for a cookie.
I found, in taking the time to look, that the "majority" of moms, wives, daughters, grandmothers, do not support them, actually most of them think they are old spinsters who have been either rejected or shun by men. Their politics is nowhere near the everyday woman, most enjoy been moms or wives, and look forward to it, all this a no no for the hags of feminism.

So, the feministas of today, will do anything to keep their power over women, inventing stories, falsifying statistics, target teen girls for future support,(my personal experience with the local women's shelter in carleton place ontario aka, interval house run by erin lee todd and her over zealous  anti male staff), unfortunately this has nothing to do with protecting women's rights.
The best protectors of women's right is not the feministas, but......MEN.

There are many thing men have done for women, repairing the damages the churches and politicians of old did to them, (let us not forget the average man was also controlled by these organisations), once we got the power of democracy, and moved away from dictatorships of kings and queens, emperors and whatever, the average man, gave them back the importance of been a person, the vote, equal rights, and equal pay....which I worked for in the 1980's.
You would think that all this work, from men and women, fathers and mothers, wives and husbands would be recognized, but no....demonizing one segment of the population, keeps us fighting each other, or so they believe, and they can weasel their way in the middle, but thank God, it no longer works that way, and their power is diminishing, they know it and they are screaming and scratching all the way to the abyss of history.

Who in their right mind, would say that anytime in history, a man did not love his wife and daughters, and di not want them to be happy, true that at those times in history, life was hard and very dangerous, wars, oppressive regimes, but with all due respect, it was better at those times to keep a family safe at home than letting them travel around on their own, but when things got better socially, we all got together and gave our women what was rightfully theirs, and without "us", fathers and husbands and sons, in co-operation with the ladies...we made things better.
So, it is time to give credit were credit is due, we all did it together, and the feministas should not make believe they did it alone.
Historically, a hag is a reference to someone who gets along with no one and blames everyone for their misgivings and lifestyle they chose.
A man is someone who fights and would give his life so that those around him are safe and happy.
As I said, we did it together, men and women, against those who oppressed both sexes, let us never forget this and move on to the next fight. Peace and evolution of the intelect, rid ourselves of hunger and pain, stop those who abuse for financial gain, and rid ourselves of those who thrive on personal power....
The fight continues and fighting each other, only lets those who pray to their god, "money", sneek in the middle and take what is not theirs.


Anonymous said...

Excelent, give credit were credit is due.

Mary said...

Feministas, i like it,lol.

The Native Canadian said...

Well, I changed the name of feminists to feministas to compare them to the sandanistas of niceragua, it started as a good idea, to get rid of inequalities, but ended up embracing personal power instead.