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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweden's curse; radical feminism coming to a Canadian school near you.

You're a hen, I’m a hen: gender-neutral pronoun gains ground in Sweden

I will let you decide, "is this what you though feminism was", and "do you want your kids to grow up in such a society?"
This is what feminists in Canada want to bring here...Look at your kids, not him or her in schools anymore but ...hens????
Feminism is becoming a comedy act with repercussions on our kids welfare, and future, the problem is, the comedy act is real and if you do not take is seriously, more kids will be confused and end up wondering why they are alive, or are you to blind to see the lack of direction they have?

Speak up!!!


Mary said...

Not with my kids they wont.

Anonymous said...

Feminist's like this,deserve a good hard kick in the %#$#.

The complete and utter destruction of society is their primary mission.


The Native Canadian said...

I totally agree

Anonymous said...


No, not the feminists. You, antifeminist bloggers and commenters. Crawl up inside your vast rectums and disappear please.

Sincerely yours,
male Swedish feminist.

Anonymous said...

This is not radical feminism, it's transgenderism and Queer politics, which is misogynistic, homophobic, and gender essentialist (meaning, thinking gender is born. It's not. and radical feminists believer the opposite of what you tar us with.

Radial feminists know that Sex is not the same as Gender; that Sex is immutable, thus Males and Females; that Gender is changeable, thus what you wear how you present yourself and it is Choice.


Anonymous said...

And unless you are of aboriginal blood, stop appropriating my culture. That is stealing.

Seanacxu said...

Not with my kids they wont.