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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Something is wrong when the police in Canada are pictured as buffons by the media.

When the Toronto store owner defended himself against a thief, he used spices, the thief went loose and the owner got charged with using a nauseous substance. And when the reporter from the media went in front of the police station, the comedy continued thanks to your local feminist in that station.
Making all of then look....silly. Even the good ones who try so hard to be rational peace keepers.

In my experiences with the locals myself, as I have posted a few times, the "we can do anything" attitude of the local left wing radical feminist are destroying any respect the population have towards our police force, and the ones that suffer are those trying to make a difference.

What a sad state of affairs.


Anonymous said...

I agree the bad ones are makin the good look bad.

The Native Canadian said...

True, I found that those who tried to help when I was having problems, were rookies, those who caused more problems were the older ones, which confused the hell out of me, I always thought the more experience the more they would understand, go figure.

sbo said...

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