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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ready to fight the real ‘war against women, the feminist will not?

This is an excellent site that explains the "real" war against women.
How many times have we seen the radical feminist support prostitution, the right to sell yourself for sex, not once do they explain the truth women endure even in countries were it is legal;
the demeaning property of a business owner, where some are women who call themselves "madams", who consider  the girls working at such establishment as their property and product offered for business purposes. Isn't this the definition of slavery?
The hypocrisy of the feminist is by far the most disgusting in our society, they support, choosing which sex a couple wants, aborting a baby just because she is a girl, making young girls feel they are permanent victims, demonizing their fathers, I could go on and on. But the most important fact is, you never hear any of them speaking up against any of these destructive aspect of our society, the most important thing to them is their personal power and their vanity, women and girls are second to them. Their most important mandate is to exploit women for money, not any different than the corner pimp, and that is what they are, pimps. A pimp will make women feel like victims to keep them in line, his personal power is more important than the girls, and pregnancies are aborted right away, so what is the difference???
In Canada, recently, the anti prostitution laws where thrown out by a local left wing judge, thank God the government plans to send it to the supreme court. The protection of women, most of them young girls, is paramount to making sure our daughters have a chance at life without drugs and prostitution, and make no mistake, the main reason the majority go into this profession is drugs. Very few make it as a high priced call girl. Not that we approve of that either.
To you fathers, mothers, do not tell me you will be proud to see your daughters in a legal prostitution house, this is a parents worse nightmare.
The best way to combat the demeaning of women in our society is not to depend on others but to take action, on your own if need be, and the best way to defeat this is to make sure our daughters have a loving home, supportive parents, an education and most of all, lotsa love.

This blog supports the traditional family, the same one who gave us the country we "use" to have, the feminists and their supporters are destroying what we build and if we say nothing, worse is yet to come.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post!


Mary said...

I agree, excellent, why is there a legal house of prostitution compose of women???

Anonymous said...


war on women