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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Radical feminist nuns’ group ‘stunned’ by Vatican criticisms

Hard-hitting document Vatican launches clean-up of feminist nuns in United States

Vatican no longer allows radical feminism...

Radical feminists will try to destroy any aspect of the traditional family, were a man is a man, a woman is a woman and together they make family, they make all our daughters believe they are permanent victims and our sons born abusers, they are infiltrating one of the last bastion of traditional family oriented religion, in the hope to destroy it from within.
The fight has begun, and our children are the ultimate losers or winners, it will depend on mom and dad. If these feminists do not leave, then their order should be excommunicated from the church, the family need support not divisions.
Radical left wing feminist oriented religions are loosing support, orthodox ones are filling their ranks, families have had enough and I am glad to see they are on their way to oblivion.

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Anonymous said...

the infiltration of evil into every aspect of our lives is there, those who follow have one goal in mind, get rid of the family, God bless, love your site.