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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Radical feminism, men are not their only prey.


"This is important to mothers and children everywhere as they, we, are currently the victims of the biggest organized crime syndicate in the history of the world. Tax dollars are used as funds for CHILD STEALING and the children are stolen from loving, good families for little or no reason."
On this site, one can feel the desperation of parents, mothers crying for their children, taken from them for money, personal self worth, political power.

Women's shelters have become a FemiNazi enclosure, dictating to and coaching women and manipulating kids minds against their fathers at the expense of truth, Ontario works offers welfare on demand to teens, C.A.S. condemns all parents as been second to the state, and all this to increase next years statistics for further funding.
I have personally experienced heartbreaks at the hands of these organisation, women's shelter in Carleton place under erin lee todd and staff, this todd person is the good one, a native woman, who puts native teen girls on welfare against parental wishes, as if we do not have enough on the system to begin with...Ontario works under nancy green and josephine fuller, (this one,has her paws in every child services possible), lies and manipulation of my daughter against her own father, not for the betterment of her future but for....MONEY. I will never forgive or forget corrupt feminazis.

The corruption, especially here in lanark county Ontario, is absolute, and the price is our kids.
I looked into who controlled the social programs and found all of them under the BOOT of radical man hating feminists, old hags who have a bad life or bad relationships, who take their personal experiences and imposes them on others, and call themselves, experts?

The site above(first link), though recent, have more support than the local woman's shelter in Carleton place, c.a.s. and open doors (an anti parent organisation) put together. So who is the bad ones, those who steal kids for statistics and financial gains or those who consider the traditional family the backbone of a good childhood, and a nation for that sake.
Join the site, offer support, a good word, a shoulder, call your mpp, your mp, and ask, "what the hell is going on, this is not what we fought for".


Anonymous said...

I have been reading for a while, I know of situations resembling your own, I am not going to go into details but I saw relentless attacks on husbands and fathers character, and the majority if the time, wives and girlfriends go back home. What is shocking is what staff tells these women what to say in order to get custody of the kids.
I volunteer at a shelter, and have seen for myself the bashing of fathers and husbands, the exaggerated stories in order to increase statistical claims, and I agree with what you are trying to do, I noticed that you do not condemn all shelters, but only the way they are managed, the funding is wasted on a policy of lies and personal benefits, politics, and it does not help women, as a matter of fact, we are losing support because of it. Those of us who are trying to help have to be quiet otherwise we are pushed aside, it is people like yourself who concentrate on the problem not the shelter's themselves that can make a difference for these women. Exposing the truth is always a good thing, thank you.
And if this helps, I am not the only one who agrees with you. We are sorry for what they did to your relationship with your daughter, accept my apology, they should have looked into it.

The Native Canadian said...

I don't know what to say, I appreciate the honesty, and thank you for the support, but if you know this happens, you are the one who can make a difference better than me.
Nonetheless, reading this made my day..Thank you.

Anonymous said...

No,don't accept that apology.
If this person and others have seen what has been going on and have sat idle,then they are just as guilty at accommodating Ms todd and her crimes against family as Ms.Todd has herself.
These are the exact people who should be reporting the damage done and then demanding the removal of this feminazi parent assassin.

If they are so sorry then they would have made an effort to correct the problem.

They know the problems continue and offer you an apology?
Don't believe a word of it untill they actually show how sorry they are by doing something to correct future destruction of families.


Anonymous said...

This is embarrassing to read.

The women go back- women who have been isolated with their children and have no income and would have to fight the d-bag "hubby" in court? What a shocker. They have nowhere to turn. But that's all changing due to the psychological tools rads provide to women.

No matter how hard anyone fights to pretend wives are not bought and paid for, people are waking up to the fact that they generally are.

Radfem cannot be stopped. Patriarchy and it's handmaidens know this.

Feel free to take a deep breath and deal with it. Seriously. If it worries you so much, just sit back and watch. You won't get participation points, let alone special recognition in the future for your work w the 3rd wave, but at least you won't have a bunch of rad bashing archived on the Wayback Machine for anyone and everyone to see.

BlackWolf said...

No matter how hard anyone fights to pretend wives are not bought and paid for, people are waking up to the fact that they generally are.

Radfem cannot be stopped. Patriarchy and it's handmaidens know this.

Keep on day dreaming.
Wives r not bought, only a fem would think that, why so pissed of? no husband of you own?

BlackWolf said...

Your right outdoors, she saw it,m but did nothing, and still not doing anything.