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Friday, April 6, 2012

Left wing, radical feminist, anti traditional family policies.

Going into election, Alberta Premier opposes right of doctors to refuse abortions

A Leger Marketing survey released Thursday by the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal put Wildrose at 41% support over the PCs’ 34%. Just last week, Leger had the two parties in a dead heat.

A poll released Tuesday by ThinkHQ Public Affairs put Wildrose in clear sights of a majority government, with 43% support compared to the PCs’ 30%.

This is what happens when a center right party turns to the left...Oblivion.
I have nothing against voting left or right or center, I fully support the right of the people to choose which way they want to go, but when a party such as the alberta conservatives let in the left, they doomed themselves.
It would be like the ndp turning center right, they would loose their base.

Also the right of doctors to follow their conscience is a paramount right to freedom, taking that away also conflicts with the conservative base. If the province wants to vote left, then they would vote for a left leaning party.
I think the alberta conservatives wanted to hold on to power at all cost; seeing the calgary municipal election, they figure it was a trend, they misjudged terribly, electing a left wing feminist as their leader.
Live and learn, left wing radical feminism and their twisted views on the traditional family will never take root in the majority of peoples mind.

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