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Friday, April 6, 2012

Is this the new world order? If so, count us out.

If we do not take a step back and realize our way of life is taking a wrong turn for the worse, then the worse is yet to come...
Below is a compilation of pictures, it is not the pictures that I want to makes the point with, but the time it took for the likes and the shares. The first one took 14 hours to have 954 likes and 295 sharing, and that was 2 weeks ago, imagine how high it is now.
It shows how people are not happy with the path we have taken, and the anger, which will eventually turn to rage, the only thing needed is one spark.
Those who believe they control everything are so blind to reality, so comfortable in their positions, they fail to see what is coming.

They are out of touch, and their pompous behaviour will be their undoing if they do not listen...

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