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Friday, April 13, 2012

Excuse me !!! Courts give aboriginal offenders special consideration during sentencing????

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In Manitoba, Aboriginal people accounted for 71% of sentenced admissions in 2005/2006), up from 58% in 1996/1997.In Saskatchewan Aboriginal adults make up 79% of the total prisoner population.In the provincial system, 30% of female prisoners are Aboriginal (2004-5)In the federal system, 25% of female prisoners are Aboriginal. (2005-6 stat) This has increased steadily since 1997, when Aboriginal women made up 15% of federal female prisoners. In Saskatchewan, Aboriginal women account for 87% of all female admissions. In Manitoba and the Yukon, Aboriginal women account for 83% of all female admissions. In Alberta, Aboriginal women account for 54% of all female admissions. In British Columbia, Aboriginal women account for 29% of all female admissions.
I know what they are saying, but special privileges is not really given to anyone aboriginal, on the contrary.

Our so called leaders use their own people to advance their power, some of the salaries of chiefs are out of control while the reservations are falling apart, in Carleton place Ontario, a native woman runs the local shelter, goes after native teens to increase next year’s statistics, her funding and power, in smiths falls, the locals take credit for helping out natives last year while the taxi drivers when told not to pick up natives and bring them downtown, local people were told not to bring goods but to drop off money, yet people were without fans in summer heat and decent bedding.

The problem is universal, everybody takes advantage of Native people, even our own leaders. We cannot point the finger at anyone, because we do not have enough fingers. The only way to fix this is to get rid of those who have taken advantage of this for their own benefit and restart anew, there is no other alternative. Well there is one but hopefully we will not get there and still have time to repair the damage done to a whole race of people.


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NOOOO. we r special? could of fooled me. were do they get these ideas.