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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Canada; land of the feminized male? Self defence of families and property no longer allowed.

Self-defence as a crime; the case of the store owner charged with assault for defending his property.
Of course its a crime, we slowly let the left wing nanny state dictate to us how we should behave, and depend on them, it sneaked into every aspect of our society, even the police force. Some movement, like the radical feminist wants to pacify the traditional male, make him lower than they are, submissive; in order to do that, they must prevent man from behaving as a man. Self defence in protection of our families is the first and foremost identity of a man, the reason he exists, take that away and u successfully destroy any opposition to radical left wing ideals, marx said it himself, "to destroy capitalism, u must first destroy the traditional family and then religion." His dreams of a perfect socialist society is about to come true. Twisted as it is...unfortunately, we "men" are watching and we do not like it...remember what happens in history when an imposition of an ideal is "imposed" on us which we do not agree with. One does not have to go far to see this ideal been imposed, look at the CBC, and two years in a row, a documentary on..."the end of man". (wishful thinking on their part)
Feminists cannibalizing, cooking and eating with their feminized men in the background, the placenta, or afterbirth, that is their idea of been a closer family, the last time I checked eating body parts is cannibalism...Is it me, or are we going backwards, instead of evolving into a better society, when the darkest moment of our history seems to be the norm today?
Today's feminist is not about women's rights, it is about self importance, twisted old spinsters who cannot find a man according to their standards, which is someone who is submissive, and when they do find one, they can't figure out why they are not attracted to him, more than a few years. Well it is genetics you old crows, what women wants a feminized male, it is confusing to them when their sub-conscious tells them it is not what a man is and it conflicts with their ideals.
Try to take away, thousands of years of evolution, to defend, protect and provide, from men, and you are going to have a really nasty twisted society, because....something will be missing...MAN. That bean eating, under the blanket farting, beer drinking, lawn sprinkling, steak eating, cussing, bum patting, woman loving, son of a bi... which most women admire and want.

I am sure there is a place for the feminized male, the one that will call 911 on his cell phone, while watching a woman getting raped and assaulted, instead of getting involved, the one that will not open a door or pull a seat, the one that will eat placenta with his feminist wife (EEEWWW), tell his wife to go work, get his kids raised by left wing radical feminists controlled daycare center, and especially the one that wears.....a pink fringing shirt, and no guys, it is not salmon color, it is PINK....
So, in closing, you’re a soldier, a "male" cop, a construction worker, a welder, a ditch digger, so on....don't wear a pink shirt, you look stupid, yellow is a declaration of you been weak or in my time, gay, behave like a man, and do not be ashamed of it..damn it...If you give up your identity of been the protector of your family, you invite disrespect for your daughters, your wife, your mother, your sister, your grandmother. Eventually, there will be more attacks on them, because those who prey on them will not be afraid of you anymore....
Nobody ever said it was easy, that is why we die young, but at least we die with dignity and purpose.
Protecting our families is our responsibility, they can try to take that away, but in the long run, it will come back to bite them in the ass, it is inevitable, they can not wipe away a million years of evolution, and live happily ever after...
They are the minority, I know this, you know this, it is time to repair the damages and put back in it's place what and who we are. I have daughters, and I certainly do not want them barefoot, in the kitchen, washing dishes, pregnant, none of us wants that, but if they want to be who they choose to be, house wife or working woman, then that is their choice and as fathers, men, we must protect that right.
That is the heart of a man.


Anonymous said...

Love it, great post,could not of put better myself,you say what we all think.

The Native Canadian said...

thank you...