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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Abort girls; A feminist supported policy

Create the family you want: Boy or Girl’: Sex selection advertized in Canadian newspapers

New study indicates baby girls targeted for abortion in Ontario

We have seen evil and it is well entrenched into the social programs. The battle for the future has begun, the fight for our kids is well under way.
Canada has it's faults but never would I have thought this possible, they are now openly advertising the destruction of the traditional family.
One of the greatest gift as a parent is the birth of a child, not knowing if it is a girl or a boy, promote anticipation and togetherness of the family.
This is just another policy to destroy the traditional family and establish a socialist, state dependent population.
Which will never happen....They will loose this fight, but the damage they have created will take generation to undo..
This issue deals with the systematic killing of baby girls, this is a fact, yet were is the big mouth feminist, the hag who thrives on making girls victims and boys abusers for increase funding??? Nowhere that were.
If they go after this one they will have to go after planned parenthood, after all p.p. are the ones who performed these abortion of girls.

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Mary said...

great point, selective abortions are usually aimed at girls, were is the crazy feminist on that one?