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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A mother's broken heart.

"I should have been keeping her safe, I'm her mum – I feel I should have been the one protecting her and they have taken that away from me. Now my little girl isn't here. All it would have taken was for somebody to listen."

We can't imagine the pain a parent goes through with a story such as this, it is painful to read.
So many of our children have been stolen by social services, and why?
Most of these programs are controlled by radical feminists in the western world, goes to figure they would protect at all cost the rights of the family, parents, and especially children, but they do not. The importance of their position in the hierarchy, their power, their belief in their self worth is more important, they had a bad life so they "impose" it on others...I guess it is their idea of revenge at the expense of children and life itself. Experts my ass. (pardon my french)
Horror stories of control, manipulation, keep on popping up when I dig into this subject, tears and heartbreaks, kids alienated from good parents, even death.
Yet, politicians must know this is happening, the web, emails, parents begging for help, but they still do nothing. This will continue until one person stands up and say...enough, points the finger of blame at those responsible and make them accountable for their actions. When this happens, this person will be the most popular politician in the land.
I respectfully ask you offer support for the link above, to the mother with the broken heart. And for Kid's sake......speak up before they come for you.
REMEMBER..when it comes to kids....
If we continue on saying nothing, we are as guilty of these crimes as they are...


Anonymous said...

so sad....shared.

Mary said...

we moms have to take action, this cant be allowed to continue