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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Radical feminism, men are not their only prey.


"This is important to mothers and children everywhere as they, we, are currently the victims of the biggest organized crime syndicate in the history of the world. Tax dollars are used as funds for CHILD STEALING and the children are stolen from loving, good families for little or no reason."
On this site, one can feel the desperation of parents, mothers crying for their children, taken from them for money, personal self worth, political power.

Women's shelters have become a FemiNazi enclosure, dictating to and coaching women and manipulating kids minds against their fathers at the expense of truth, Ontario works offers welfare on demand to teens, C.A.S. condemns all parents as been second to the state, and all this to increase next years statistics for further funding.
I have personally experienced heartbreaks at the hands of these organisation, women's shelter in Carleton place under erin lee todd and staff, this todd person is the good one, a native woman, who puts native teen girls on welfare against parental wishes, as if we do not have enough on the system to begin with...Ontario works under nancy green and josephine fuller, (this one,has her paws in every child services possible), lies and manipulation of my daughter against her own father, not for the betterment of her future but for....MONEY. I will never forgive or forget corrupt feminazis.

The corruption, especially here in lanark county Ontario, is absolute, and the price is our kids.
I looked into who controlled the social programs and found all of them under the BOOT of radical man hating feminists, old hags who have a bad life or bad relationships, who take their personal experiences and imposes them on others, and call themselves, experts?

The site above(first link), though recent, have more support than the local woman's shelter in Carleton place, c.a.s. and open doors (an anti parent organisation) put together. So who is the bad ones, those who steal kids for statistics and financial gains or those who consider the traditional family the backbone of a good childhood, and a nation for that sake.
Join the site, offer support, a good word, a shoulder, call your mpp, your mp, and ask, "what the hell is going on, this is not what we fought for".

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ready to fight the real ‘war against women, the feminist will not?

This is an excellent site that explains the "real" war against women.
How many times have we seen the radical feminist support prostitution, the right to sell yourself for sex, not once do they explain the truth women endure even in countries were it is legal;
the demeaning property of a business owner, where some are women who call themselves "madams", who consider  the girls working at such establishment as their property and product offered for business purposes. Isn't this the definition of slavery?
The hypocrisy of the feminist is by far the most disgusting in our society, they support, choosing which sex a couple wants, aborting a baby just because she is a girl, making young girls feel they are permanent victims, demonizing their fathers, I could go on and on. But the most important fact is, you never hear any of them speaking up against any of these destructive aspect of our society, the most important thing to them is their personal power and their vanity, women and girls are second to them. Their most important mandate is to exploit women for money, not any different than the corner pimp, and that is what they are, pimps. A pimp will make women feel like victims to keep them in line, his personal power is more important than the girls, and pregnancies are aborted right away, so what is the difference???
In Canada, recently, the anti prostitution laws where thrown out by a local left wing judge, thank God the government plans to send it to the supreme court. The protection of women, most of them young girls, is paramount to making sure our daughters have a chance at life without drugs and prostitution, and make no mistake, the main reason the majority go into this profession is drugs. Very few make it as a high priced call girl. Not that we approve of that either.
To you fathers, mothers, do not tell me you will be proud to see your daughters in a legal prostitution house, this is a parents worse nightmare.
The best way to combat the demeaning of women in our society is not to depend on others but to take action, on your own if need be, and the best way to defeat this is to make sure our daughters have a loving home, supportive parents, an education and most of all, lotsa love.

This blog supports the traditional family, the same one who gave us the country we "use" to have, the feminists and their supporters are destroying what we build and if we say nothing, worse is yet to come.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A mother's broken heart.

"I should have been keeping her safe, I'm her mum – I feel I should have been the one protecting her and they have taken that away from me. Now my little girl isn't here. All it would have taken was for somebody to listen."

We can't imagine the pain a parent goes through with a story such as this, it is painful to read.
So many of our children have been stolen by social services, and why?
Most of these programs are controlled by radical feminists in the western world, goes to figure they would protect at all cost the rights of the family, parents, and especially children, but they do not. The importance of their position in the hierarchy, their power, their belief in their self worth is more important, they had a bad life so they "impose" it on others...I guess it is their idea of revenge at the expense of children and life itself. Experts my ass. (pardon my french)
Horror stories of control, manipulation, keep on popping up when I dig into this subject, tears and heartbreaks, kids alienated from good parents, even death.
Yet, politicians must know this is happening, the web, emails, parents begging for help, but they still do nothing. This will continue until one person stands up and say...enough, points the finger of blame at those responsible and make them accountable for their actions. When this happens, this person will be the most popular politician in the land.
I respectfully ask you offer support for the link above, to the mother with the broken heart. And for Kid's sake......speak up before they come for you.
REMEMBER..when it comes to kids....
If we continue on saying nothing, we are as guilty of these crimes as they are...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweden's curse; radical feminism coming to a Canadian school near you.

You're a hen, I’m a hen: gender-neutral pronoun gains ground in Sweden

I will let you decide, "is this what you though feminism was", and "do you want your kids to grow up in such a society?"
This is what feminists in Canada want to bring here...Look at your kids, not him or her in schools anymore but ...hens????
Feminism is becoming a comedy act with repercussions on our kids welfare, and future, the problem is, the comedy act is real and if you do not take is seriously, more kids will be confused and end up wondering why they are alive, or are you to blind to see the lack of direction they have?

Speak up!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You know it's pretty damn bad in Canada when Russia today criticizes us...

The USSR use to have this type of policies towards their population, they would behave in such a manner, these troops were not there to protect the country against outside enemy, but to keep the population obedient, they were from the ministry of the interior...Strange we seem to be headed that way...Copying the evil empire...lol...go figure.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Prussian system who gave birth the Nazis, and ours. Part 2, The police state.

In order to have total control of the state,   one must control children's minds.
We must have security at all cost to prevent terrorists from damaging our society.
What we do today, we will leave to you, the next generation.
Strange how they told us he was so wrong but they are now imitating him.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scary parallels; Prussian school system who gave birth to the Nazis, and ours. Part one.

Even if this video is American made, it reflects what is going on under our very eyes in North America, if not the whole western world. It explains perfectly why the Germans followed someone like Adolf Hitler and the national socialist party, aka:Nazis.
However, today, even though the policies are the same, the end means is not the radical right, but the radical left who have adopted this way of brainwashing our kids, through the school system, and trickling down to the social programs. It's not hard to see the school system been used to change the way we think, destroy family values, and impose an ideal which most do not agree with. Gay lifestyle teachings to kinder garden (I do not agree with this one because the kids are to young), sex-ed to 6 year olds, the greatness of the state over the parents, so on...
Going back to what I and so many others experienced as parents, I realized that left wing radical feminism for instance, is rampant in our school system, and they are allied with the radical left. I, like so many parents, teach our kids to study hard at school, but to have fun also, go to college, to work, to walk equally beside anyone in the world around them, to respect family. Like all parents, we all want them to have it better than we did.
Then comes some radical left wing feminist controlled school, st-john catholic high school in Perth Ontario, and its anti parent staff, some worker from the local shelter who thrived on getting young girls to go against their parents and getting them on welfare at her house so she could collect the welfare check, some shelter director (Carleton place Ontario) who believes parents are second to her, Ontario works of Lanark county who offers welfare on demand to teens, housing, open doors a teen help organisation, local police, who all tell children, parents are wrong and bad, the state is right, welfare as a way of life. Which they did to my children.

As I kept on looking into this, I found thousands of parents who are having the same problem, we teach children one way and we find we are in competition with the state. And that is the point, like the Germans, our kids are been taken over to promote a radical agenda, were the family is obsolete, and the problem here is, if we do not do anything about it, what is to say, during some economic collapse, some radical leader does not come out of the wood works and impresses the masses, tells them what they were thought to believe in schools and we repeat history.
To sum it up, while I was watching the video, I realized this is exactly what they are doing in our schools; the few, the radicals, have adopted what the Prussian state did, opening the door for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.
We are heading towards the same path, our economies are on the edge, if there is a collapse, will there be a self anointed saviour, people will follow because that person just happens to be at the right place at the right time, just like 1933?
On the other hand, are we smart enough to realize this before it happens…
Remember when it comes to our children and their future...
Can't happen in Canada you say, stay tuned for part 2...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Something is wrong when the police in Canada are pictured as buffons by the media.

When the Toronto store owner defended himself against a thief, he used spices, the thief went loose and the owner got charged with using a nauseous substance. And when the reporter from the media went in front of the police station, the comedy continued thanks to your local feminist in that station.
Making all of then look....silly. Even the good ones who try so hard to be rational peace keepers.

In my experiences with the locals myself, as I have posted a few times, the "we can do anything" attitude of the local left wing radical feminist are destroying any respect the population have towards our police force, and the ones that suffer are those trying to make a difference.

What a sad state of affairs.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Feminazi vs men, opposing views.

This is the way the average feminist wants you to believe we see our women.

This is the way men really see our women.

This is the way the average feminist wants you to believe we see our wives.

This is the way men really see our wives...

And this way...

And this way...

And this way...

And this way...

This is the real world...
Feminism is a disease, bent on destruction, division, and victimization of women for profit.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Radical feminist nuns’ group ‘stunned’ by Vatican criticisms

Hard-hitting document Vatican launches clean-up of feminist nuns in United States

Vatican no longer allows radical feminism...

Radical feminists will try to destroy any aspect of the traditional family, were a man is a man, a woman is a woman and together they make family, they make all our daughters believe they are permanent victims and our sons born abusers, they are infiltrating one of the last bastion of traditional family oriented religion, in the hope to destroy it from within.
The fight has begun, and our children are the ultimate losers or winners, it will depend on mom and dad. If these feminists do not leave, then their order should be excommunicated from the church, the family need support not divisions.
Radical left wing feminist oriented religions are loosing support, orthodox ones are filling their ranks, families have had enough and I am glad to see they are on their way to oblivion.

Abort girls; A feminist supported policy

Create the family you want: Boy or Girl’: Sex selection advertized in Canadian newspapers

New study indicates baby girls targeted for abortion in Ontario

We have seen evil and it is well entrenched into the social programs. The battle for the future has begun, the fight for our kids is well under way.
Canada has it's faults but never would I have thought this possible, they are now openly advertising the destruction of the traditional family.
One of the greatest gift as a parent is the birth of a child, not knowing if it is a girl or a boy, promote anticipation and togetherness of the family.
This is just another policy to destroy the traditional family and establish a socialist, state dependent population.
Which will never happen....They will loose this fight, but the damage they have created will take generation to undo..
This issue deals with the systematic killing of baby girls, this is a fact, yet were is the big mouth feminist, the hag who thrives on making girls victims and boys abusers for increase funding??? Nowhere that were.
If they go after this one they will have to go after planned parenthood, after all p.p. are the ones who performed these abortion of girls.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A great moment in fatherhood.

"I was trying to make a very serious VLOG and my kids wanted to sit on my lap while i did it. Needless to say the serious VLOG was ruined but a great moment happened."

This is a video I found online, when the feminist say fathers are not important, show them this.
Nuff said....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marriage Is Offensive! More on radicals implementing their will on our children.

The western world is falling apart, and one of the reasons is the twisted radicals have not figured out yet, it's not just the older generation they are in conflict with, but also the young. They have pushed their ideals so hard and so fast that they are loosing support and are causing a backlash against their wishes to change the world according to their ideals. When a segment of our society, the majority, is not allowed to express themselves fairly, in fear of offending the minority, one creates a backlash.
All have the right to freedom, and freedom dictates that all views must be respected, even traditional families, since they are, after all, the majority. I am glad to see the young have created a line in the sand, basically saying, "you are going to far", maybe there is hope after all...
Social programs and schools are infested with left wing radicals who's ideals have been proven to be...unacceptable and destructive, yet they still infest our society with policies that destroyed empires.
I live in Lanark county, Ontario Canada, here we have 2 school boards, public and catholic, the catholic schools in co-operation with the local social programs, welfare's nancy green... women's shelter erin lee todd, family services, open doors, have become more radical in the destruction of the traditional family than the public one, "Ironic isn't it?"....All of them are after one thing, change the system, increase funding, destruction of the traditional family, through our kids...and that is sick....
Case in point, St-john's catholic high school, we parents have had problems with the anti parent staff, especially deanne strong, so why are we funding 2 school boards????? Why are we funding these schools who go against catholic teachings, and are more radical that the public ones. The radical feminist has taken over every programs that involve kids here, and the result is teen pregnancy, teen drug abuse, teen crime, a lost generation, even the local government believes the path to economic recovery is to put as many people on welfare as possible....(according to a city counselor I interviewed) This is no longer politics, it is the systematic destruction of a nation through the elimination of families. And that is borderline evil.... Remember....

As the backbone of our respective countries, we parents, all of us, have to decide who is responsible for our children, the unelected beaurocracy, social programs, schools...or us.
If we do nothing, if we stick our heads in the sand like an austrich, then all the problems our society is now experiencing is...our fault.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 Something Is Going On! You do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to know and to realise, something is hapening to our world!

Life on earth will continue, and find a way to adapt, but, what kind of life, man is the most frail of all creatures on mother earth, he is the only animal who need shelter to survive the elements of his own world,he catches diseases as easy as a bird catches a fly, he will kill his own children in order to own land, he will watch people starve before he shares, and he is stupid enough to have the capability to destroy his own world....oh ya, life will continue, question is, will man be rewarded by mother earth to continue?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Excuse me !!! Courts give aboriginal offenders special consideration during sentencing????

Read here
In Manitoba, Aboriginal people accounted for 71% of sentenced admissions in 2005/2006), up from 58% in 1996/1997.In Saskatchewan Aboriginal adults make up 79% of the total prisoner population.In the provincial system, 30% of female prisoners are Aboriginal (2004-5)In the federal system, 25% of female prisoners are Aboriginal. (2005-6 stat) This has increased steadily since 1997, when Aboriginal women made up 15% of federal female prisoners. In Saskatchewan, Aboriginal women account for 87% of all female admissions. In Manitoba and the Yukon, Aboriginal women account for 83% of all female admissions. In Alberta, Aboriginal women account for 54% of all female admissions. In British Columbia, Aboriginal women account for 29% of all female admissions.
I know what they are saying, but special privileges is not really given to anyone aboriginal, on the contrary.

Our so called leaders use their own people to advance their power, some of the salaries of chiefs are out of control while the reservations are falling apart, in Carleton place Ontario, a native woman runs the local shelter, goes after native teens to increase next year’s statistics, her funding and power, in smiths falls, the locals take credit for helping out natives last year while the taxi drivers when told not to pick up natives and bring them downtown, local people were told not to bring goods but to drop off money, yet people were without fans in summer heat and decent bedding.

The problem is universal, everybody takes advantage of Native people, even our own leaders. We cannot point the finger at anyone, because we do not have enough fingers. The only way to fix this is to get rid of those who have taken advantage of this for their own benefit and restart anew, there is no other alternative. Well there is one but hopefully we will not get there and still have time to repair the damage done to a whole race of people.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Canada; land of the feminized male? Self defence of families and property no longer allowed.

Self-defence as a crime; the case of the store owner charged with assault for defending his property.
Of course its a crime, we slowly let the left wing nanny state dictate to us how we should behave, and depend on them, it sneaked into every aspect of our society, even the police force. Some movement, like the radical feminist wants to pacify the traditional male, make him lower than they are, submissive; in order to do that, they must prevent man from behaving as a man. Self defence in protection of our families is the first and foremost identity of a man, the reason he exists, take that away and u successfully destroy any opposition to radical left wing ideals, marx said it himself, "to destroy capitalism, u must first destroy the traditional family and then religion." His dreams of a perfect socialist society is about to come true. Twisted as it is...unfortunately, we "men" are watching and we do not like it...remember what happens in history when an imposition of an ideal is "imposed" on us which we do not agree with. One does not have to go far to see this ideal been imposed, look at the CBC, and two years in a row, a documentary on..."the end of man". (wishful thinking on their part)
Feminists cannibalizing, cooking and eating with their feminized men in the background, the placenta, or afterbirth, that is their idea of been a closer family, the last time I checked eating body parts is cannibalism...Is it me, or are we going backwards, instead of evolving into a better society, when the darkest moment of our history seems to be the norm today?
Today's feminist is not about women's rights, it is about self importance, twisted old spinsters who cannot find a man according to their standards, which is someone who is submissive, and when they do find one, they can't figure out why they are not attracted to him, more than a few years. Well it is genetics you old crows, what women wants a feminized male, it is confusing to them when their sub-conscious tells them it is not what a man is and it conflicts with their ideals.
Try to take away, thousands of years of evolution, to defend, protect and provide, from men, and you are going to have a really nasty twisted society, because....something will be missing...MAN. That bean eating, under the blanket farting, beer drinking, lawn sprinkling, steak eating, cussing, bum patting, woman loving, son of a bi... which most women admire and want.

I am sure there is a place for the feminized male, the one that will call 911 on his cell phone, while watching a woman getting raped and assaulted, instead of getting involved, the one that will not open a door or pull a seat, the one that will eat placenta with his feminist wife (EEEWWW), tell his wife to go work, get his kids raised by left wing radical feminists controlled daycare center, and especially the one that wears.....a pink fringing shirt, and no guys, it is not salmon color, it is PINK....
So, in closing, you’re a soldier, a "male" cop, a construction worker, a welder, a ditch digger, so on....don't wear a pink shirt, you look stupid, yellow is a declaration of you been weak or in my time, gay, behave like a man, and do not be ashamed of it..damn it...If you give up your identity of been the protector of your family, you invite disrespect for your daughters, your wife, your mother, your sister, your grandmother. Eventually, there will be more attacks on them, because those who prey on them will not be afraid of you anymore....
Nobody ever said it was easy, that is why we die young, but at least we die with dignity and purpose.
Protecting our families is our responsibility, they can try to take that away, but in the long run, it will come back to bite them in the ass, it is inevitable, they can not wipe away a million years of evolution, and live happily ever after...
They are the minority, I know this, you know this, it is time to repair the damages and put back in it's place what and who we are. I have daughters, and I certainly do not want them barefoot, in the kitchen, washing dishes, pregnant, none of us wants that, but if they want to be who they choose to be, house wife or working woman, then that is their choice and as fathers, men, we must protect that right.
That is the heart of a man.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Is this the new world order? If so, count us out.

If we do not take a step back and realize our way of life is taking a wrong turn for the worse, then the worse is yet to come...
Below is a compilation of pictures, it is not the pictures that I want to makes the point with, but the time it took for the likes and the shares. The first one took 14 hours to have 954 likes and 295 sharing, and that was 2 weeks ago, imagine how high it is now.
It shows how people are not happy with the path we have taken, and the anger, which will eventually turn to rage, the only thing needed is one spark.
Those who believe they control everything are so blind to reality, so comfortable in their positions, they fail to see what is coming.

They are out of touch, and their pompous behaviour will be their undoing if they do not listen...

Left wing, radical feminist, anti traditional family policies.

Going into election, Alberta Premier opposes right of doctors to refuse abortions

A Leger Marketing survey released Thursday by the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal put Wildrose at 41% support over the PCs’ 34%. Just last week, Leger had the two parties in a dead heat.

A poll released Tuesday by ThinkHQ Public Affairs put Wildrose in clear sights of a majority government, with 43% support compared to the PCs’ 30%.

This is what happens when a center right party turns to the left...Oblivion.
I have nothing against voting left or right or center, I fully support the right of the people to choose which way they want to go, but when a party such as the alberta conservatives let in the left, they doomed themselves.
It would be like the ndp turning center right, they would loose their base.

Also the right of doctors to follow their conscience is a paramount right to freedom, taking that away also conflicts with the conservative base. If the province wants to vote left, then they would vote for a left leaning party.
I think the alberta conservatives wanted to hold on to power at all cost; seeing the calgary municipal election, they figure it was a trend, they misjudged terribly, electing a left wing feminist as their leader.
Live and learn, left wing radical feminism and their twisted views on the traditional family will never take root in the majority of peoples mind.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Heart-rending: Young Slovakian sculptor captures post-abortion pain, mercy and forgiveness

A beautiful story, one you will never hear a feminists tell you....the truth.

It is not easy living with an abortion, it has it's health problems as we all know, but also the psychological pains...

This story is one of many the Internet now offers. to heal and to "fully" understand that an abortion is not just a simple medical procedure that leaves you as you leave the clinic.

Feminist are using women for political purposes, the pain and hardships are second to them, if it would not be, they would explain in detail the realities of what comes after an abortion and would not be against an ultrasound before the procedure.