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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Two post- violence againt women and we are too stupid to know the meaning of democracy.

Were the hell have these people been for the past 10,000 years, we don’t need them to tell us we should defend women, though there might be some wusses out there (aka. feminized men), most men, if they see a woman been abused, assaulted, or mistreated will step in...It is in our nature and cannot be changed...Of course if we happen to look at a woman’s butt, that is considered assault to some out there, exaggerating the problem and making it sound like it’s an epidemic, but that's another story.
Also, if I beat the shit out of a guy who is assaulting a woman, I get charged with assault, so they can’t have it both ways, they either want us as men, in that case let us behave as men, or they want men who "found" their feminine side, make up your mind for God's sakes. (Pardon my French)
According to them I should call 911, by the time the police gets there it's to late. That is called a feminized man.
I am glad to see some are starting to be realistic and not follow the feminist view that all men are bad, "The initiative, called the Engaging Men Grant Program, underscores the fact that most men are not violent or abusive towards the women". This to me, sounds like they have realized they "need" real men and the idea to make man "docile" simply has not worked.
Now to make this simple, "if I beat the shit out of a guy who is attempting to rape a woman, will I be charged with assaulting this person???" or should I call 911 and watch until the cops get there?????
The need for men to be men is greater now than it as ever been, assaults on our women, the elder afraid of home invasions, child abuse, drugs, homelessness, is all related to the past 40 years and the feminists ideal that society no longer needs that bean eating, beer drinking, cussing, hard labour male who might look ruff, but makes the wold a better place with his values and strength.
Man has been genetically engineered by 6,000 years of civilisation, to be a soldier, warrior, hard worker,  husband, father, son, freedom fighter, and we have been cut with swords, shot, blown up defending this freedom, the only thing we ask in return is to respect what you have created. If you pacify man, who will be there to defend your rights to demonize us, when a foreign power who does not follow your ways come calling...
The choice is simple, walk with us, or walk alone, we are not going to change, the world needs us...
I am man and that is my way of looking at things...
Now the other post,
I will let you read and make up your own mind about us been called dumb shits who know nothing about elected officials and who to choose, but remember this, who funds scientists to make these studies????
Governments !!!

"very smart ideas are going to be hard for people to adopt, because most people don’t have the sophistication to recognize how good an idea is,"
So let me get this right, some in governments we elect, finances a study that comes up with the conclusion, we are stupid???? Is that what they think of us????? Now you know why they treat us like cattle...
Shit... (again pardon my french) lol.


Anonymous said...

"Engaging Men Grant Program"

The OVM is soliciting applications for a grant for research projects that look at ways in which to involve men in reducing violence against women. They are offering individual grants ranging in value from $0 to $300K to applicants. So, if you are an academic in the gender studies department at your local university and want to secure funding to find ways in which to perpetuate the demonization of men via the lie that domestic violence is men's fault, this is a way to do it. Note the wording of the grant description:

"Research shows that programs that simultaneously do community outreach, mobilization and mass-media campaigns are more effectiveness in producing behavior change in men and boys."

Your tax dollars are being dolled out by the Office of Violence against Women to look at ways to change you and your son's behavior. You know, because there is something wrong with you and your son. Because you are both male. Note, the OVM is not trying to change the behavior of violent offenders, as there is no mention of violent offenders in the grant description.

The implication is that because men and boys, not violent offenders, are in need of change, then it is men and boys, not violent offenders, who are the problem.

This is money being offered to research ways in which to fix the "problem."

Although the individual grants are for up to $300K, it doesn't mention in the full program pdf how many of these grants are being awarded and what the total available budget it.


The Native Canadian said...

What is sad is, the demonizing of good men, is now a buisness.
Where are the women, mothers, are they not talking about their sons?
Aren't they saying mothers raise their sons to be bad?

Anonymous said...

Ya,it is simply amazing that mothers do not stand up for their son's.

Makes a person wonder doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Actually I should not have said that in my last comment.

One of my biggest allies was a woman(mete')from Wabigoon Ontario.

She wrote a letter to the editor asking for the same resources for men as there is for women.

Watching her grandchildren being stripped of their father's was to much for her to bare.

you can see the letter in this thread.

You may have to register to view it.

I also have it posted at mensrights-help but I cannot find it.