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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The nanny state out of control- the aim? your children.

This is what I have been exposing for a while, the idea that schools, social programs, shelters, c.a.s., open doors here is Smiths falls, and even cops, believe they have the right to "co-parent" our children. Considering they have a very different agenda on society than we do, this is extremely dangerous to our families.

You will not see this on cbc or ctv, it took Ezra Levant and sun news to realize something is wrong out there.

This parallels the issues I have been talking about on this blog, what they did to me and my family, and are still doing for daring to fight back.

Unfortunately, this is rampant and these "things" seem to think they can by-pass parental rights, to improve their power over our children, and make no mistake, they do this for one reason only, to change society, to demean parents, to "destroy" families and especially to increase their funding.

I am glad to see this issue has been thrown into the open, on the video you can clearly see the arrogance of the c.a.s. worker, the school official (Mr. we co-parent) and the lack of co-operation police give to parents. Did you “ever” agree to co-parent” with schools???

What I wonder is, were is the left in all this, why don't they fight back, aren't these animals making the left look bad, I mean, families are the ones who put people in power, and if our kids are been used for a political ideal, this will blow up in their faces...
Unless of course they agree with this, then they had better look for another job, because they are no good at the one they are doing. I always tried not to take sides in all this but if the left refuses to do something since these animals do it in their name, then been an independent voter might no longer be a good idea.

On a personal note, as I was watching the video, this is exactly the response I got, "WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT WITH YOUR CHILD", and that is what pissed me off, no way will I ever stop, until the family unit, mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, brother and sister, husband and wife, sons and daughters are recognize as the some providers for children in our society.

I even have cops who protect the local corrupt social programs, especially the director of the Carleton place shelter (erin lee todd) printing anything I say on this blog, they showed it to me, (A. Atkinson or the perth police). They are "hoping" I threaten someone so they can put me away....Never going to happen because I am not that type of person, but nonetheless, its creepy...lol. This is how far they are willing to go, to shut me up. I even asked them once, charge me if i am doing something wrong, trying to protect my child, instead they dug up an old fine, and tried it that way.

Plus when it come top techs stuff, I back up all my emails, the threats I received, phone calls, videos, audios....

Imagine for one minute, been told "you better co-operate with us, we have ways of getting even, what comes around goes around", or "we warned you" or "shelter is not responsible if your underage daughter drinks alcohol" by cops you look too, to protect your family rights. AND WHAT THE HELL WAS MY UNDERAGE DAUGHTER DOING AT A SHELTER IN THE FIRST PLACE, other than been used for further funding for next year.

These people will come with a smile, or in my case a frown, lol, do not trust them when it come to your children, do not let them in, video tape everything because they will deny it.

I suggest you take these videos and pass them to everyone you can find, these are our kids, not radicals who want them for their twisted ideals and to increase their fundings.

I want to thank Outdoors for guiding me to this video link.

Here is more on this "co-parenting officials" issue.
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Does not involve you??? Good for you....But when they do come for your kids, who is going to be left to help you out????
These are our kids, not theirs to be used for money...


Anonymous said...

The state out of control?

No way.....check this out;



The Native Canadian said...

Ya the duplessis children, this continued in quebec long after, talkin from personal experiences, carefour de st jerome, bertelet, and montee st-antoine...As a 13 year old, in st jerome i was beaten for buning sweet grass, put in a jail at 14 in bertelet, then sent to montee st antoine, where I left 3 days later because someone told me they were sexually abusing boys...unlike others, I was lucky there, they never caught me....with what they did with my daughter, it brought back those memories of people I did not know, dividing families for no good reason...the policies might have changed, but the end game is the same, people sticking their noses were it does not belong and the destruction of families, except today they seem to be more numerous and more aggressive.