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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The nanny state gone wrong...A must see.

I can relate to this story, the disgusting attitude and arrogance of the social programs, taken over by radical feminists who believe they can do anything with our children.
My "underage " daughter was lured to the local shelter in Carleton place, coached to say she was abused after I refused to sign for her to be on welfare, she was also told by these low lives that there was something wrong with a father loving his child that much, and when I politely asked the director of this shelter erin lee todd, for help and not to put her on welfare it would destroy her future, which she even had a scholarship, she arrogantly sent her girlfriend from the local opp at my door. This one came up with a warrant against me, which I finally have the proof it never existed, according to the federal court house in hull...and 2 rcmp detachment.
The whole thing ended up a nightmare, the threat, the pain, the heartbreak for a parent was more than I could bare, I raised her on my own, but all of them, the director of the local welfare, nancy green, erin lee todd, josephine fuller county director for social programs, even a. atchinson from the opp in carleton place, just to name a few, there are more, even those whom I knew, from family services, connections (a single parent support program) all of which I considered friends, and told me I was a good parent, when I asked for help, they were nowhere to be found, they did not care if they destroyed my child, the statistic for next years funding was more important, self promotion, personal power is what they were protecting, at the cost of the future even the safety of my child.
My daughter had the potential to be a great artist, with offers from modeling photographer and art college, but what I do not understand is if they are promoting the betterment of women, then why did these feminists, destroy a girl with a promising career, you would figure they would help instead of creating another welfare recipient.
So you see, it is not about equal rights for women, they do not care about raising the potential of women, or girls, they only care about their position.
It is not left or right wing politics, it is simply corruption at taxpayers expense, and they will even use teenage girls to get more funding, here is a welfare check at 16 years old, and your on your own, what child at 16 is ready for the world? On welfare????
People tell me, they did it because I am a man, a little girl raised by her dad, and they could not accept it, they had to destroy a good parent and child relationship, well I will never accept this either, it was not about me been a man, a father, it was about parental rights not to be demonized for statistics and next years funding.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading for a while. I am disgusted by what they did to you, I would sue their asses off thats for sure, best of luck.

Anonymous said...

You need to register these people at register-her.com.

Let them know they cannot get away with this shit.

Let them know how it feels to be put in the public eye.


The Native Canadian said...

Ya, your right there.

Anonymous said...

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